So, Who Is Slartibartfast?

I am a 40 41 42 43 year old father of two. I’m happily married, happy in my job. I hate confrontation.

I live in Nashville, TN – and have lived here my entire life. I work for a very large Nashville company: the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation. I am a .Net developer specializing in intranet web development, and writing small programs to handle Big problems. I was a VB developer for years, till my company adopted C# . Now that I’m proficient in C#, it’s my favorite programming language, but I’ve been known to put together a VB app, just for the nostalgia.

I was a DES baby. This caused the next several facts about me:

    I was rejected by Uncle Sam to serve in his army in 1983. This fact gives me “checkenhawk immunity”I have slightly higher estrogen levels than most men, which means I get weepy watching movies and Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, I write oh-so-sensitive poetry, and I actually enjoy cooking and housework. Do NOT get the wrong impression, however. I also like football, Nascar, hockey, heterosexual sex, Salma Hayek in a pushup bra, and war movies. I guess that makes me hormonally ambidextriuous!One label I will never have is “Babymaker”. This, in the end, turned out to be a blessing.

I am an optimist. An EXTREME optimist. This colors everything else about me. When I became a Christian, it only enhanced my optimism. This is a little strange, considering on one level, Christianity is the most pessimistic of all worldviews (humanity is hopeless and is incapable of curing what ails it). But since I’ve met Jesus and learned what people are capable of doing through Him, I believe there’s nothing anyone can’t do. Thus, my sometimes annoying optimism.

I, like my Lord, believe in the micro instead of the macro. I may have general discussions about social and political issues, but you will find that I will eventually bring the conversation down to the personal. This is because THAT’s how you save the world. Anything else is busywork.

I’ve played music since I was 15. In 1984, I started playing with a kid that worked with me at a dinner theater in far western Nashville. Together, with my brother we formed a band called Gray Matter. Later, we corrupted a high school kid and pulled him into our musical madness. We were together for over 10 years, playing anywhere they would let us in mddle Tennessee. Our heyday was when we were going by the name “Blue Collar”, in which we were a big hairband. Yes, we had big hair, but what I mean is that we were, for the time a BIG band (6 people).

Later, after I had married, settled down, and adopted two kids, my friend called me up and asked if I’d like to start playing again. He played in a praise band at a local church, and they needed a keyboard player. I gave it a try, got hooked, and eventually joined the church.

On this blog, 2001/2002 must be refered to as The Year From Hell. Starting with the fall of 2001, here is what happened

    My mother-in-law’s cancer diagnosis.
    My mother-in-law’s death on Christmas Eve (right after watching her grandhildren open presents)
    My wife got the human parvo virus.
    I contracted Bell’s Palsy.
    My children got the human parvo virus from my wife.
    My wife’s favorite cousin died.
    My wife’s last remaining aunt died.
    We lost everything we owned in a house fire.

Without my church, I don’t think we could have survived this time as an intact family. Because of this, I had a lot of forgiveness in my heart for what happened later.

Early in 2006, there was a dustup at my church. I don’t know why these things happen, except that churches are made up of fallen, yet forgiven people. The best way to describe what happened was that the church experienced something akin to a mid-life crisis. The Powers that Be decided that there needed to be a change in the contemporary service. They weren’t sure what they wanted, they just knew they didn’t want the current praise band anymore. We were, in effect, fired. Which is weird, because except for the Worship Leader (he was a part-time paid staff member), we were all volunteers. We had given countless hours, our hearts, our tears to that church service. So needless to say, we were extremely hurt. But the church, nor that service, was not our “property”, and God had other plans anyway.

After the shock wore off, we got up, shook off the dust, and asked God what He wanted us to do. He led us in an interesting direction: we formed a traveling music troupe, one that primarily played music as an ourtreach mission. To this day, we play our own band of Christian music in churches, coffeehouses, prisons, nursing homes, and anywhere else folks want to hear music that praises the Lord.

I am a political conservative (have been all my life), but of the “bleeding heart” variety.

I never turn away an offer of friendship. My circle of friends is quite a collection: liberals, conservatives, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, old, young.

Won’t you be my friend?

23 Responses to “So, Who Is Slartibartfast?”

  1. Sista Smiff Says:

    I can’t find your email address. Email me sometime.

  2. Ginger Says:

    Slarti, I need your e-mail address, too…

    P.S., I just stole your line on NiT:

  3. KC Says:

    I don’t think I have your email address either, so I wanted to give you a heads-up that I responded to your adoption concerns on my blog.

  4. badbadivy Says:

    I don’t have your email address either. I don’t really have anything to say, but if you would email me so I could have your email address when I do have something to say, that would be fab. 🙂

  5. Eric Says:

    Just gonna drop my e-mail address to ya in case you want a friend from a little further south than you–and if you and your band ever get the itchin’ to come to south MS, e-mail me and I’ll talk to my pastor.

  6. lasthome Says:


    Just happened to your site via Kat via the controversy via whatever….just wanted to say hi from an apparent kindred soul across the plateau in Knoxville. I’ve Bloglined ya and will be visiting often!

    Inn of the Last Home

  7. Ginger Says:

    Slarti, I sent you an e-mail…would you go weigh in on my post today? Fanx, Ging

  8. Ask and you shall receive Says:

    Juliet “Julie” Lamb Announces Candidacy for Metro’s 22nd Council District

    Julie lamb, a Bellevue resident since 1990 has filed a qualifying petition with the election commission to run for Metro Council District 22.

    Julie moved to Nashville in 1987 and for almost 15 years worked as an Office manager/ administrative assistant at Huber & Lamb Appraisal Group, Inc., a real estate appraisal and real estate research business co-owned by her husband. She has a BBA from the University of Mississippi.

    In 2002 Julie became a full-time mom to her two daughters and began volunteering at their schools and within the community. Her volunteer efforts include Belle Meade United Methodist Children’s Center, then Harpeth Valley Elementary, Westmeade Elementary, Bellevue Middle and Hillwood High School. She eventually became the Bellevue Middle School PTO President in 2004-05 and then Hillwood Band Boosters Vice President 2005-07. These positions allowed her to organize numerous successful fundraisers. She has been the Hillwood Cluster Chair since 2005 and is the new President for the Hillwood PTSO.

    While serving for Hillwood Cluster, she was elected Parents Advisory Council chair for the 2006-07 and was asked to participate on the Metro Nashville Public Schools Strategic Planning committee which is currently working on the seven year plan for Metro Nashville Public Schools and with the Small Learning Communities committee at Hillwood High School.

    She is a member at Belle Meade United Methodist Church and taught Children’s Sunday school for almost five years. She is also a member of the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

    Among the top priorities for Lamb as a Metro Council Member will be to assure responsible growth in a manner that enhances our community and provides minimal impact on traffic. Good planning and working together with the citizens and developers, will in turn create some wonderful synergy for Bellevue. All stakeholders have to look for right mix of retail, business and restaurants for a limited amount of available land in “downtown” Bellevue order to succeed at creating a neighborhood that will be highly desirable.

    It is also mportant to find a suitable site for the Bellevue Library that is acutely undersized, thus improving an asset that is genuinely required in our community. We need to continue to build sidewalks, bikeways and greenways to encourage more walking/cycling in our community, thus reducing dependency on our automobiles improving the quality of life. Another priority is maintaining and upgrading our sports facilities which keep families together in positive settings.

    Another of Lamb’s priorities would be to continue improvement of quality education, focusing on the communities’ ability to become one of many assets available to our children to succeed. The opportunities for our local businesses to partner with the schools to provide mentoring, internships and the ability to help transform the Small Learning Communities into programs that will provide Nashville with graduates that will become productive citizens. The high school dropouts truly cost our community in many ways including increased crime and gang activities, reduced numbers of available educated employees for hire, low paying jobs when they are hired, the need for public assistance and the continued need for affordable housing that tends to cause property value decline in areas of our community. A more educated workforce will also help bring in quality jobs which will positively affect the city’s ability for recruiting business opportunities and broaden our tax base.

    Please join Julie for her Campaign Kickoff on Sunday, June 10th from 2:00 until 4:00pm. at the River Plantation Club House, Section 8, located at 7508 Old Harding Road across from the Bellevue United Methodist Church. For more information see

  9. brittney Says:

    I had no email for you, so I leave this here:

  10. Face Says:

    You accepting old friends, too??

  11. Kathy T. Says:

    I need your email… actually I need Lintilla’s email. I want to send her a release form allowing me to publish her “wrinkles” in a book that should be available before Christmas. Email me! kathy (dot) tyson (at) comcast (dot) net. THANKS!

  12. Gina Says:

    Hi neighbor. Like your blog.
    Gina from Memphis

  13. Annechen Says:

    Heh, blame Ford for pointing this out to me, muahahaha…

  14. Brensey Thompson Says:

    Hello my name is Brensey. I seen the comment you made about the Unity Steppers!!! Where exactly did you see them minister? Just curious. Actually I am a part of the team. Im one of the longest remaing members. I was very touched when I read your comment about us. Im glad that we helped bring you closer to God. It’s amazing how many people’s lives we touch and dont even know it. So I was glad to see your comment and actually know the impact that we make. Hope to hear from you soon.

  15. Brensey Says:

    oh by the way my emial is

  16. Brensey Says:

    email* (lol) 🙂

  17. bridgett Says:

    Did I miss the part where you said “I’ve had it with blogging?” or is there something going wrong?

  18. Jad Says:

    Linked here from Nashville is Talking. I like your blog brother.

  19. dobegil Says:

    Thanks for sharing – I’ll definately be back!

  20. Zlurgh Says:

    The dreamer, the unwoken fool
    In dreams, no pain will kiss the brow
    The love of ages fills the head
    The days that linger there
    In prey of emptiness, of burned out dreams
    The minutes calling through the years
    The universal dreamer rises up above his earthly burden
    Journey to the dead of night
    High on a hill in Eldorado.

  21. Wolf73 Says:

    Race is one of those topics where it is almost impossible for a person to come to the table with an open mind. ,

  22. S. Le Says:

    Found you through “You did what?” and followed the link because I was intrigued by your blog’s name.

    We also went through a horrible “dust up” at our Church and no longer attend there. It was awful but your assessment of the cause is correct and very enlightening. Thank you.

    One question: Did you do the fiddly bits of the fjords?

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