Obama Helps My Hit Count

I told you (on Twitter) this would happen.

I’d better clean up the place.  I’d expect I’m going to be getting a LOT of search hits.

How was I to know in 1988 during a drunken brainstorming session for an album title that I would coin a phrase that would be pivotal in an election 20 years later?


That’s About Right

Can’t get to this from work, so this is the first chance I’ve had to check it out for Shoot The Moose:

Online Dating

Interestingly, my rating is based partially on the title of this blog.


Looking at my stats, it would appear that I have a lot of new readers, who are combing through every post I ever made.  Welcome!

If you saw my comments somewhere and came here to see what I’m all about, that’s awesome.¬† If you are looking for inconsistencies, you’ll find them, I’m sure.¬†

In short: I’m a “bleeding heart conservative” which means that I’m considered a lost cause by pretty much everyone.¬† I can be political, but politics rank maybe 10th on my importance scale.¬† I am a Christian first and foremost, but I have no designs on converting anyone.¬† Read my “about” page, it’ll tell you more than you need to know.

If you are here looking to find out who my employer is so you can “Gilbert” me, please go away.

Otherwise, I hope you’ll stick around.¬† All are welcome here, except the uncivil and the unyielding.¬† They already hold territory on 95% of the internet, they can’t have Shoot The Moose.

In short, I’m not very young, I’m not very smart, but I AM very friendly.¬† I’m glad you’re here!

Life Is Absolutely Kicking My Butt Right Now

I know it’s, in the long run, a good problem to have.

But right now, I ain’t seeing it.

To everyone to whom I owe something (a post, an email), hang in there.

I’m either going to kill the list of stuff I have to do today, or it’s going to kill me.

Julie Lamb News

Julie’s website has been updated with some great info.¬† Check it out.¬†

For those of you who don’t yet know, Julie is running for Metro Council in the 22nd District (which is currently being served by Eric Crafton of “English Only” fame).¬†

Here’s an article from the City Paper that was published May 30th that will give you more info.

¬†She’s working on my “interview” – I’m in line at least.¬† She’s busy answering surveys from interest groups.¬†¬† Interestingly, the new info at her site answers several of my questions, so when I post the interview, it might be a little redundant.¬† But hopefully, it’ll reach people who otherwise wouldn’t hear her message.

Her daughter also created her a MySpace profile.¬† It’s not bad.¬† If I ever run for council in the 23rd district, I’m going to hire her as a new media consultant.¬† Although it might be a good idea to change Julie’s age in her profile from “99”.¬†

Anyway, hopefully I’ll have the interview for you Monday or Tuesday.¬†¬†In the meantime, check out her site and¬†MySpace page.¬†

Shoot The Moose¬†is slowly becoming the unofficial “Lamb For Council” blog, it would appear.¬† But, that’s a good thing.

EDITED TO ADD: OMG, I just read that city paper article in whole.¬† Arrogance. I’ve just been asaulted by a stench-filled wall of arrogance.¬† And it didn’t come from Mrs Lamb.¬† Just read the article.¬† Funny thing is, I probably agree with Crafton politically more than I disagree with him.¬† But his tone in this article is nothing short of offensive.¬† I know the printed word sometimes puts a tone in words that isn’t there in the spoken word, but how could you read that and not think that Crafton is an unbearable boar?

I Am An Idiot

If you wonder why I emphasised couldn’t care less in the previous post, you have to look at this post from Paul.¬† You see, Paul called me on a misuse of “could care less” in a previous post.¬† I then vigorously defended myself.¬† I was certain I was right.

I was wrong.

So, I’m a double idiot; not only did I have the original misuse, I pigheadedly continued to insist that my usage was correct and Paul was wrong.

Sorry about that.

To All You Shutterbugs

I’m thinking about making the jump to an SLR camera.¬† I see all these beautiful photos on the tubes, and I’d like to take a few of my kids before they are all grown, as well as the under-photographed West Meade/Bellevue area of town.

Here’s the camera I’m looking at.¬† The Nikon D40.

Now, I’ve told you about how I love demographics, but it’s so weird to know you’ve been targeted, and that they hit the mark.¬† This camera is aimed at 40-somethings who want to move up from point and shoot, take photos of children, have no lenses, and want something that takes “prettier pictures” without being hard to learn.

Some might take offense at being pegged by marketers, but I think it’s kind of neat.

Anyway, I’d be interested if you think this camera would be a good entry-level SLR camera, or should I wait till I can afford something better?¬† Chris?