Today, We Have Taters

The long-awaited day is here.  We (X-Alt!) play “Tater Day” in Benton KY.  So, this will be the last post today till we get back.  I’m hoping to have a great tale to tell this evening.

BTW, Otis is too goo to be true.  He lets us know when he needs to go outside, and he’s staked out a spot by the front door where he likes to sleep.  It’s hard to believe he’s only 8 weeks old.  But the you look at the little puffball, an it’s obvious.

Anyway, see ya’ll tonight!  Tater Power!

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You Know What They Say…

They say to never go to bed angry at your spouse.

They  say don’t marry a rebound lover.

They say don’t buy a car when you’re upset.

They don’t say this, but they should…

When you’ve had a really tough week, and an even worse weekend morning, do NOT go to PetSmart on doggie adoption day.

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