The Cast of Characters

Lintilla – My wife since 1987. Typical working mom. I can’t live without her.

Zaphod – Son, born 1996. Korean born, adopted in 1997; he’s been in our home sime he was 6 months old. Brilliant. Stubborn.

Trillian – Daughter, born 1998. Korean born, (same birthmother as Zaphod), adopted in 1998. In our home since she was 8 moths old. Stunningly beautiful. Quiet. Compliant. Math Whiz. Great sense of humor. Piano student.

Ford Prefect – My best friend for well over 20 years. Plays in X-Alt. Works at a local television station as an advertising producer/voiceover artist. If you live in Nashville and have a television, you know his voice.

Marvin – My older brother. High school basketball star. Constant worrier.

Zarniwoop – My younger brother. The most talented guitarist I’ve ever known. Has had a form of Muscular Dystrophy since his late teens. Fellow optimist.

Dad – He doesn’t get a nickname. Machinist. Semi-retired in Florida. Very cynical, has occasional bouts with bitterness.

Mom – No nickname. Another fellow optimist. Great writer. She was in insurance for many,many years.

Other members of X-Alt (no nicknames):

Mark: fearless leader, piano player, tenor. He’s also Trillian’s piano teacher.
Brooke: Ford Prefect’s wife. Nice, clear voice.
Eddie: extremely shy drummer. Going to school to be a CSI.
Katy: GREAT, young singer. I hope she remebers us when she’s famous.
Susie: My vocal soul mate. When we hear a melody, each of us slides into a compatible harmony, without any rehearsal. It’s almost spooky.
Mark P: Guitar player extrodinaire. GREAT classic rock style.
Brian: Trumpet player. Very professional and enthusiastic.
Randy: Sax; our newest member. He’s a pro, having played with some of the biggest names. Kind of looks like Sam Waterston.

4 Responses to “The Cast of Characters”

  1. Susie Says:

    It is spooky, huh? lol I am so proud to be part of your “cast of characters”!

  2. Annechen Says:

    Oi! He’s not Ford, that there is Space Ghost. Listen to the Voice…

    Hee. dude is gonna get me for that one, isn’t he?

  3. S. Le Says:

    Very nice! Love it. (see my comment on your “Who is?” page.

  4. Seon Says:

    I am a huge fan of The Hitchiker’s Guide series so this made me smile! In fact I am currently reading the new “And another thing” penned by Eoin Colfer!

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