Thoughts About Ugly Betty Episode 4.15

So much could have gone wrong with last night’s episode of Ugly Betty, 4.15 – Fire And Nice.  If I am guessing right (based on the set photos I’ve seen that match this episode), it was filmed months ago, before anyone knew the show was being cancelled (at least out here in fan-land).  It was a set-up episode, so it could have very easily had a middling plot the way many movies which are the 2nd in a trilogy become.

But, this episode was not a mess. It worked very well.  This may have been the first episode in a LONG time where almost every character had well written lines and was likable,

The night definitely belonged to Vanessa Williams and Mark Indelicato, though.  Both of them went out of his/her way to keep us on our toes.

Twice, a scene was set up where it looked like Justin was coming out.  These scenes depended greatly on Michael Urie, whose understanding and confusion as Marc the Mentor was perfect.  Justin did not come out – instead he confessed that he thought he started the fire, because he was smoking to impress someone named Lily.

They also managed to fit in a video of Justin lip-syncing Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance, which was hilarious.

Wilhelmina played against type as well – she went out of her way to impress old boyfriend and “regular guy” Don.  Seeing Vanessa Williams dressed down (at least for Wilhelmina) was a treat.  There was a very funny scene where she and Don ran into Betty and the world’s most annoying fireman, and Don suggested they eat together.  Betty took full advantage.

I’m already tired of Amanda and Daniel and their friends with benefits arrangement.  It would appear that Amanda is, too, because by the end of the episode, she had honed in on Claire’s long-lost son Tyler.  This of course gets to Daniel in the worst way.

Speaking of Claire’s two sons, Daniel finds out Tyler is his (half) brother – not only that, but progeny of the much hated Cal Hartley.  I thought Eric Mabius played this just right, between anger and bewilderment. 

I can’t decide if Tyler’s going to end up a bad guy.  Knowing the writers, it’s entirely possible. 

I love, Love, LOVED Bobby’s parents.  When Hilda found out they thought she was a slut and went off, they went off right back.

Big Spoiler after jump

The development of the night, of course, was Bobby’s engagement to Hilda.  It wasn’t  a huge, “in front of everyone at Yankee Stadium” proposal, but I thought it was just about right.  In an empty stairwell, yes.  Romantic, yes.  And the ring makes me wonder just what Bobby does for a living.

(After meeting Bobby’s parents, I’d say the wedding in the finale is going to be a heck of a wedding.)

After every Suarez wallowed in guilt the entire episode because each thought he/she started the fire that destroyed their house, it turned out that Betty had left a curling iron on that morning.  Considering what’s coming up on the show, it’s interesting that vanity played a role in the fire.

I really liked the episode – it was heavy on comedy, and that’s nice to come back to after such a long break.

3 Responses to “Thoughts About Ugly Betty Episode 4.15”

  1. Timmeh! Says:

    Tom, did you give up writing on here? I’ve been awaiting eagerly for your thoughts on the last 4 episodes of Ugly Betty. And there is only 1 more left. I must know your predictions and reactions. I hope you get started on writing back. I miss Ugly Betty News. 😦

  2. Maria Says:

    You need to blog about your thoughts on the end of Ugly Betty! I think many peope would like to hear your opinions on how they ended the whole thing. I miss Ugly Betty News, too! =(

  3. Timmeh! Says:

    As a avid supporter of Ugly Betty News, I really would like to hear your opinion on the Ugly Betty Series Finale. Please?

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