To The Readers Of Ugly Betty News

Regular Shoot The Moose readers (both of you), bear with me a minute.

For those of you who got here by searching for Ugly Betty News, I owe you an explanation for that site’s sudden disappearance, and I wish I had a better venue from which to provide it.  But, it is what is it.

So, here is what happened.  On February 16, I was informed by the company for which I wrote Ugly Betty News that they were severing my contract, per the terms.  I found out later that the company had nixed the entire Entertainment department, which was sizable.  We were locked out of our blogs, so there was no chance of properly saying goodbye.  I was able to post a couple of tweets about it, so SOME of you might have gotten word what happened.  I wanted to send out a mass email to the biggest regular commenters at the site, but unfortunately, most of you posted with bogus email addresses (as you probably should).

The next day, the UBN domain no longer pointed to UBN, but to the replacement site for all the Entertainment channel blogs.

And that was that. 

It sounds so clichéd.  The last post I made at UBN was a revisiting of the possibility of Liza Minnelli appearing on Ugly Betty (as we now know, that isn’t going to happen).  Had I known that it would be my last post, I would have said something more profound.  I would have said goodbye.

This is how ghosts must feel.

Ironically, the cancellation of Ugly Betty had been quite good for Ugly Betty News, business-wise, up until our own “cancellation”.  The readership there spiked to record levels on  the day of the show’s cancellation announcement, and it didn’t decline much after that.

We – you and I – did an amazing thing.  We built an informative fan/news site which featured intelligent discussion minus the mean-spirited gossip.  It was a long shot from the beginning. I worked my butt off, and you guys kept coming back and bringing your wonderful thoughts to the comments.  We were part of a larger Ugly Betty community, which WE helped will into being (notwithstanding the ship wars, but even that was done with the context of a greater Ugly Betty community.)

We were seen as a conduit between fans and the show.  Ironically,although the many in the cast read UBN,  I NEVER had any contact with the producers, until right before UBN got axed, and I’ll be doggoned if I didn’t give Mr. Horta my b5Media email address, which is no longer valid. Was he going to invite me to the wrap party, or issue a cease and desist?  We’ll never know 🙂

After all those years of work, once I got the sad notice, I decided to check and see just what I (we) had done.  I hadn’t checked in many months, but typing in the phrase “Ugly Betty spoiler” on Google returned Ugly Betty News as the number one result (with many more links in the top 15).  Beating out EOnline.  Beating TVGuide.  Beating Entertainment Weekly.  Even beating Wiki-freaking-Pedia, who is always number one on every search for anything.  Many other search terms revealed the same result.  All this with NO help from the network.

(This is where I get to say: ABC, your media relations with bloggers SUCKS, more than any other network.  You seriously need to revisit your asset access policy.  We had the number one Ugly Betty site in the world, we proved our professionalism time and again, and you refused, to the end, to treat us like “media”.  It boggles the mind.  Your loss.  There, that feels better, although I guess blogging for ABC is now out of the question 🙂 ).

So, I’ll be fine.  If I choose to seriously blog again, I know how to do it now, thanks to the wonderful people (I’m looking at you, Arieanna) who gave me a chance and taught me the ropes.  Who knows where I could go?  Politics, parenting, cooking, travel, maybe even entertainment again.

Regardless, I am almost over my period of mourning, so watch out, world.

So, to the faithful readers of Ugly Betty News I say thank you for all your wonderful contributions and readership.  As the show itself winds down, we have to go through another long, sad goodbye.  But, I’m glad we get to have that.  I am sorry that UBN just disappeared on you.  Had I had any control over the situation, it would have been done differently.

I will miss you, dear readers and commenters, most of all.  But, we will meet again, somewhere, somewhen.


Tom Landers

Writer – Ugly Betty News

(PS, if you want to hang out here, I intend on ramping up the post frequency at Shoot The Moose again.  Slartibartfast IS Tom; I am who I am, pseudonym or not.  Many of you, I think,  will be surprised at my personal life.  I don’t fit the mold of the typical Ugly Betty blogger.  BUT, you’ll get to meet my family, find out about life in Nashville, and get some good recipes.  I WILL be posting about Ugly Betty as well – reviews, not recaps – since I no longer have contractual restraints.   Because, regardless of the business side of things, UBN was always a labor of love.)

12 Responses to “To The Readers Of Ugly Betty News”

  1. Seon Says:

    Hello, and thank you very much for writing up this post. I had been a regular reader of the Ugly Betty News blog, though less of a commenter, but I enjoyed your thoughts, recaps and of course the spoilers. Most of all though, I shared your love for Vanessa Williams. I wish you the best in your future endeavors and absolutely hope you continue to keep up blogging. WordPress has a great community of bloggers so you should feel right at home!

  2. Joshua Says:

    Hi Tom, I’m glad we got to get a final word from you. I loved Ugly Betty news – it was a place were everything was devoted to that one show, not a website which shared all of the other comedies on TV.

    You were a great owner of the site, and I’m glad I found it. Thanks for explaining what happened.

  3. Jazmine Says:

    Hey Tom, I remember reading your last tweet but I didnt expect it so soon! I love that you took the time to do this, your website was really great and was on my top sites page for Google Chrome and Safari! It was refreshing to have something just deticated to the show itself from a person who watches it regularly. You were awesome and I for one will continue to follow you on here!

    Best Wishes

  4. Timmeh! Says:

    Oh. My. I was simply devastated when I discovered your site was downsized. I had been a constant follower since the beginning of season 3. Your site was actually probably my most visited for the last year. I really enjoyed your posts, but simply LOVED your thoughts on the episodes. I loved to get on the day after a new episode and see what you thought. I really hope on this blog you will post your opinions of the last 6 episodes. Your site will be missed dearly, just as Ugly Betty will. So, count me in, I am now officially subscribing to this blog. 🙂

  5. Beatrice B Says:

    You did a great job Tom. It’s a shame it’s all gone (even before the show was finished). Actually I thought there were going to be at least a few posts until April and all would end with a big post party. Or probably you would write about the new projects of the cast after the show was canceled.

    But the decision wasn’t up to you, was it? So all is left is to congratulate you for the wonderful job you’ve pulled all these years (I remember it was publicly awarded at least once). It was a wonderful gathering place for gathering fans of all kinds and all preferences all over the world. I do remember meeting the most diverse of personalities there. I’m glad I popped in and had a great time.

    I hope you also had your fun while you wrote it. I bet you did and those are the memories that matter.

    Thank you and see you around, Tom!

  6. Jenny Says:

    hi tom,

    i read your site for a long time being a UB supporter from the beginning. I was saddened when that strange website would come up instead of UBN. but i did do a search and found you left a goodbye msg. thanks for all the work you did for the site and fellow love for UB & support throughout the years. best of luck to you!

    Jenny C.

  7. alexis Says:

    i am glad that you are safe and well. I have tried searching the web on the whereabouts of UBN (lots of people seem to have asked the same question, but none were answered) , and I finally found this! Thank you so much for your dedication to the site and I hope everything goes well for you!

  8. overseasUBfan Says:

    Hi, Tom.
    I really appreciate for your website. UBN was a really nice communitiy for all of us. I was a lot surprised by the situation before, but I am glad to know why. I miss UBN. Though the show will gonna cancel, I hoped the site will go on. But as you said, maybe it’s appropriate timing to say goodbye.
    Anyway really thank you for all the articles in UBN! Hope to see you again in someday!

  9. Miagkaia Says:

    FINALLY!!!! I’ve been checking [almost everyday since you stopped blogging] if UBN was live again… I hope at least that the guys from ‘Crushable’ will notice how many people still come from the UBN URL and realize how much your blog was appreciated and loved!!!! I’m very happy to know that you’re OK and that you would have said goodbye, if it had been possible. I wish you a lot of success in your next projects, and keep doing it with your heart 🙂 Thank you for those wonderful moments on UBN.
    Signed : a faithful French reader 🙂

  10. S Says:

    Hi Tom,

    glad you posted this. I was really surprised when the site disappeared, just when I thought it was going to be my little place to run to whenever I miss the show (as if the DVDs were not enough). 😀 I didn’t comment much, but I was a faithful reader of your blog. So thank you for the effort and hard work you put to the site, your love for the show really was evident and very appreciated.
    Hope to read you again on perhaps some new, equally as legendary show as UB.

    Best wishes from Croatia.


  11. Lilly Says:

    Hello, Tom!

    I had been a frequent visitor to your blog a couple of months before finding out it was… ah… “axed”.
    I’m sorry to hear that, btw. I had wondered what happened to it when I could no longer find it (it was very confusing: “WTH? Maybe I just forgot what it was called?” *GoogleuntilIranoutofpossibleuglybettyblogsnames*).

    So, today I found this post (yes, I’m not very clever). I wish there was a large boycotting motion against ABC (first cancelling UB and now THIS?). Too bad I can’t do it myself (I’m portuguese).

    So, thank you for your amazing work and spoilers (I’m still hoping for Detty!). I hope to read more from you.

  12. Freddy Wisconsin Says:

    Hi Tom!!!!!! I can’t tell you enough how much “closure” this message brings to me. All of the sudden we were all orphans from UBNews!!!

    Hope Sir Lizard is fine. Hugs to all of yoU!

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