If you watched last week’s incredible Open championship (that’s British Open for Americans), you most likely saw this advertisement, currently my favorite.

I don’t know, it just seems to capture the spirit of the age.  My reaction is visceral.  I love the song (“Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne), and the imagery of the dog and his unease just speaks to me.  It’s almost hard to put into words.

It’s rare that one feels he is seeing A Truth when viewing an advertisement, but, on some level I don’t understand, I know I am. 

There’s something eerily beautiful about this ad.

One Response to “Trouble”

  1. martin kennedy Says:

    My thoughts exactly on the advertisement.

    Your post on your anniversary was really good. We are living in a time when fewer and fewer people are (will be) able to look back with such wonder. You really capture the mystery, and avoid the sappy, so well.

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