Hi guys.  Long time, no post.  I’ll be getting back in the habit soon, I hope.  But first, I’d like to tell you about something.

My band, X-Alt is finally, finally ready to release our latest studio project, On The Air.  It will officially go on sale May 31st at Revival 2009

Here is a video Ford Prefect made with little 10-second samples of most of the tracks.  I am amazed by the diversity of sound we’ve produced.

We’ve got not only our usual rollicking R&B tinged praise numbers, but also some rockers, jazzy ballads, a rock-comedy song I wrote about how southern cities act during snowstorms (special guest appearance by a Nashville weatherman you all know and love), a renaissance fair version of “Come Thou Fount”, and many guest appearances by some awesome musicians.  To top it all off, we tapped into our old school roots, and made On The Air a concept album.

This project took a very long time – I wish I could give you some VH1 Behind The Music drama as a reason, but alas, it was just life.  Illnesses, surgeries, day jobs, and running short on money were major contributors 🙂

I’m quite proud of what we’ve produced.  Certainly we’ll be selling the CD in all the usual places (including iTunes), but I’d suggest coming to the big Revival May 29-31, because you’ll not only hear our new stuff, but also some of the most diverse music and preaching to be heard in Nashville.

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