Come With Me So You Can See What’s Going On

If you don’t care for long, random “what’s been going on since my last substantial post” posts, you can always check out Newscoma, who gives us Dwarf in a Pie.

What’s been going on?

Mostly, we’ve been preparing for Lintilla’s upcoming (as in Tuesday) surgery to remove the tumor from her kidney.  They tell us she’ll be in the hospital 3 days (hopefully the gases will flow freely this time 🙂 and she can get discharged on time).  The plan is that she’ll spend two weeks at home recovering, then have a couple more weeks of “light duty”, then back to normal. 

We purposely chose next week because the kids will be on spring break, and we won’t have the logistical problem of getting the kids to and from school.  They’ll spend some time with friends from our church family, some time at the hospital, and some time at home. (That’s a whole other discussion.  They have the great combination of maturity and sloth which makes them uniquely qualified as 11-12 year olds to be at home alone in certain situations).

So, I’m struggling to get the house clean, because I know we’re going to have a LOT of visitors the next couple of weeks.  We’re trying to institute a chore calendar (about 6 years too late), so hopefully I’ll get a little help.  It gets a little tiring, cooking and cleaning for every one else while working a full time and a part time job and participating in a music mission.  I’ll admit, I’ve let up a little lately and just let the house go.  I’ll clean before dinner, but after dinner, the best I’ll do is get the dirty dishes to the sink.

Our kids aren’t bad; they’ve followed our priorities.  We’ve always asked them to be Professional Students, and they are.  They don’t think twice or complain about putting in 2-3, sometimes 4  hours a night doing homework, and it reflects in pretty good grades at a very challenging school.  Nevertheless, I could use a little help around here, so we’re trying to bring things back into balance.  Not to mention that cooking, cleaning and laundry are basic life skills, and they are going to need them when they become adults.

In a way, I’m glad Lintilla is going to be out of work for a few weeks.  Her employer seems to be going through major chaos right now, with officials resigning left and right, and some kind of power struggle going on over the home health and facility teams.  She needs to get away from all that work drama for a while; her job is tiring enough without all that stress.

My mom was in the hospital for a couple of days this week.  The doctors are pretty sure she had a TIA, or mini-stroke.  Her vision became blurred in one eye, and her speech slowed.  They’ve put her on Plavix, which she’s not happy about, but it’s a necessary evil.  It’s sad, because Mom had just started getting better from all her other problems related to a fall a couple of years ago.  She’s been almost pain free and has been getting her strength back.  Now, she must take two steps back and start again.  Meh.

The major reorganization at my job is turning out to be a good thing that rose out of the awful layoffs.  Our two-man team has been given responsibilities that match our skill sets, and we are a couple of excited geeks.  It’s been a little stressful, transitioning our current duties and the new ones, but we had both been in a slump since the layoffs, and this has lit a nerd fire in us again.  Plus, it looks like I’m going to get to move to a different floor for the first time in 13 years.

It tickles me me death that Trillian is writing a novel.  I was about her age when I wrote my first, and I’ve complained here endlessly about how the producers of Red Dawn stole my story!  Of course, my version was set in Smithville, TN, but I’m still amazed that I wrote a book in 5th grade and later saw the same story on the big screen.  ANYWAY, I told Trillian to write away, and when she’s done, I’ll proofread for her then we’ll try to get it published.

She said the funniest thing: that being a published author would be a great extracurricular activity when she applies to high schools.  Heh.

I’m thinking about growing my hair semi-long.  I want it to look like this guy, but every time I grow my hair out, it ends up looking like this guy.  And I have the really cool white chin beard which makes me look either like a wise sage, or a little dangerous like a suburban unibomber.

I have made our lives into a cliche.  Due to some awful decisions over the last few years, we are now living paycheck to paycheck.  It wasn’t George Bush’s fault, it wasn’t Barack Obama’s fault, it was us (especially me).  We are now in the situation of digging ourselves out.  God willing, I will stay employed long enough to get us out of it.  We need to hang on long enough to pay off one of the cars next year, then things should snowball nicely.  Looming out there is high school in a couple of years, which costs 30-50% more than we’re paying now.  If I don’t get out of this mess now, it will affect my kids’ lives forever.  That’s motivation.

But oddly enough, we’re going to Disney World in June!  Don’t worry, most of it is being paid for with points from our Disney Visa (one of those huge mistakes from the last few years).  For you Disneyphiles, we’ll be staying a Coronado Springs resort, and we’re on the dining plan.  We’re on the buy 4 nights get 3 free special, otherwise we’d never be able to stay on Disney property.  Due to all these danged surgeries, Lintilla hasn’t had a vacation in a few years, and dammit, this year she’s getting one.

The band is working hard on our next CD.  We’re trying to get it completed before the huge tent revival going on in the west side of town in May.  It’s going to be AWESOME, and just what this city needs in these tumultuous times.  If economy has you afraid, tired, or depressed – this revival will be just what the doctor ordered.  There’s going to be such a diverse gathering of believers, speakers and musicians!  Just seeing the waves of bikes pulling up from Covenant Confirmers will make coming out worth it for you!   I’ll be posting more about it as the days go by, just mark your calendars to come to the revival the weekend of May the 29th. 

That ought to be enough for now.  I don’t know what time I’ll have to post , so look for quick updates on Facebook.

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3 Responses to “Come With Me So You Can See What’s Going On”

  1. x117236 Says:

    Best wishes to Lintilla tomorrow!!

  2. Malia Says:

    Hoping all is going (or has gone) well with the surgery! Here’s to improved health and a speedy recovery 🙂

  3. On Behalf of Slarti: Lintilla Surgery Update! « GingerSnaps Says:

    […] To bring you up to speed, last summer Lintilla was diagnosed with a tumor in her kidney.  It was recommended that before operating, they “keep an eye on it” for a bit to see if there would be any change.  Upon exam in December, the tumor had shown some growth, therefore Lintilla opted to have the tumor removed. […]

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