Hurray For Stump!


The Westminster Dog Show is my family’s American Idol.  Each of us has our favorite breed, and year after year, we cheer for that year’s Best in Breed winner for that breed.

As an aside, I think we are drawn to dogs who are LIKE us.  Does it surprise anyone who knows Susie, for instance, that she likes chihuahuas? 🙂

Anyone who has read this blog a while knows that my favorite is a rare breed in the US: the Sussex Spaniel.  Short and stumpy like a dacshund, but with a fat, loveable head (out of proportion to its short stature)m and floppy ears, quite hairy, with those expressive, almost-sad seeming eyes,belying a happy-go-licky disposition.  Yep, that’s me.

This year’s entry was even more compelling than normal: an old man (10-years old!) named Stump, who had almost died a few years ago, and came out of retirement for this competition only.

Imagine my suprise that Stump won the whole darned thing.

You could tell from the Sporting Group competition that Stump was a crowd favorite.  When he won Best In Show, the place went crazy.

I woke up this morning a little lighter in my step.  It’s ALMOST as fulfilling for me as when Vandy won the Music City Bowl, but not quite, because I’ve been a Vanderbilt fan even longer. 

Yes, it’s a little insane, living vicariously through a dog, much less one whose breed I could never afford.  But in these times, I’ll take whatever joy I can get, whereever I can find it.

We are all Stump now!

One Response to “Hurray For Stump!”

  1. Susie Says:

    What? I’m like a chihuahua? I take that as a compliment, I think…but I haven’t bitten anybody lately, that I know of…LOL

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