A Friday To-Do List

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” – Jesus, Matthew 6:34

It’s Friday.  Here in Nashville, it’s slowly warming, leading to what should be a glorious weekend, weather wise.

Enjoy it.  It is a gift, and it costs nothing.

Whatever is going to happen is going to happen, whether you sit obsessing over it or not.  Your representatives have never voted differently because you went out bowling instead of watching them on CSPAN.  Trust me on this one.

Do you have someone who loves you?  Hug them.  Look into his or her eyes.  Make it your personal quest to make them laugh.  Then hug them again, and thank God for the gift that is Love.

If you don’t have someone – remember, love is an active verb.  Go find someone, just anyone on the street will do – and love them, seriously and earnestly.  You will feel your worry and pain begin to lift.  Love kicks worry’s ass, every time.

Laugh, and do so defiantly. 

Dabble in silliness.  This is the real stuff of life.  Time is short – don’t waste it with “seriousness”.  The devil invented business and politics so we would be too distracted to have pillowfights and make S’mores.


Seek out an enemy or rival, and tell them what you admire about them.

Concentrate on being thankful for the parts of your body that are working, rather than dwelling on the ones that aren’t.

You have genius in you.  Use it and show it to the world.

Ask for help if you need it.  Then, help someone else.

There are troubles in this world, so many troubles.  Sometimes, I feel all the troubles I see like a heavy weight.  Hoewever, they were here on earth long before we arrived; they will remain when we have departed.

Whatever is going to happen today will happen.  Let it be.  Realize what you can’t control, and stop trying to control it.  Instead, work on the things you can control.




Feel Wonder.

Love some more.


One Response to “A Friday To-Do List”

  1. bridgett Says:

    This makes my feel-good Friday.

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