On The Warpath

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m very touchy about my reputation.  I guard my good name like a buried treasure, because in the end, it is far more valuable to me than money.

If one is traveling through life without a college education, in the circles I run, you’d better have a great reputation.

Of all of the pieces that make up my reputation, one of the most valuable to me is my credit rating.  I’ve spent a lifetime building it up. 

How good is it?  25+ years of on-time payments, without a blemish, make lenders and potential employers very excited when they see me approaching.

Like everyone else, I’m cutting back financially, and employing ways to ensure that every single bill is paid well ahead of time.  One of the things I did last month to accomodate this was signing up for my electric company’s automated bill paying system.

Well, today was my first payment.  It went through like a charm.


Causing my account to have to draw on overdraft protection.

I’m so mad, I can’t even call them.  I’m leaving that for Lintilla.  All it would take is getting some snotty CS representative, trying to claim it was MY fault (I know it wasn”t by looking at the confirmation numbers on the payments), and I’m liable to say something that would truly damage my reputation.


One Response to “On The Warpath”

  1. dolphin Says:

    One overdraft won’t show up on your credit report. Banks don’t report such things to the credit bureaus.

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