Come Join The Celebration!

New Beginnings Christmas

New Beginnings Christmas

I’d like to invite all of you to what has become an annual tradition: the X-Alt Christmas Coffeehouse at New Beginnings Church in Bellevue.  There will be lots of music to get you and your family in the Christmas spirit, along with the usual coffees and baked goodies, all upcoming this Saturday night.

This will be the only time this year we will drag our Christmas set out of mothballs (and we have some unique arrangements), so this is your only chance to hear it.

But, for those of you who need a little extra urging, Jim Weber, singer-songwriter extrodinaire, will be there.  Every time we’ve had Jim at a coffeehouse, he’s brought the house down.

There are others who will join in the celebration, but the one you just absolutely HAVE to see is a musician named David Parr.  We know him from way back (I haven’t seen David in years).  He plays the most unique instrument I’ve ever seen, the Chapman Stick .  The best description I know for it is it’s a stringed instrument, but it’s played like a piano.  All I know is that when in Parr’s very talented hands, it’s one of the most beautiful instruments I’ve ever heard.

Finally, on a personal note, this would be a good chance to see Fat Slarti, before I go on another weight loss quest.    Also, you can see Skinny Susie (ask her about her unorthodox weight loss plan – I’m a believer now!), and greet the recently ordained Pastor (Reverend? Brother?  Most Excellent?) Mark Mills.

The fun starts Saturday night at 6:00 pm, at New Beginnings Church (7700 George E Horn Road, 37221).  We’d love to see you there.

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One Response to “Come Join The Celebration!”

  1. Warrior Says:

    “His holyness, the most high and exaulted reverend” will work for now, until I work my way up!

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