Feel Good Friday: Getting Better

Guess who I’m going to go see tonight at TPAC?

This is probably the first real date night Lintilla and I have had in a year or more.



2 Responses to “Feel Good Friday: Getting Better”

  1. misssharoncobb Says:

    I was thinking of going this weekend to see them, but I’m glad I watched this video first!

    A right handed bass player?????????????????? I would have walked out the second I saw that! I’ve seen other Beatles tribute groups and they were all lefties.

    Also, if he was going to play right handed, he could have used a Hofner. Also, the way “Paul started the song with hand clapping over his head. Macca never does that or did that.

    For me, the illusion would have been ruined the second they came on stage and played their first song, so I am very glad you posted this!

    Thank! 🙂 I really do hope you enjoy the show in spite of my critique. I don’t know a lot about many things, but the Beatles, I know!

  2. misssharoncobb Says:

    So, how was it?????? I’d love to hear a review from you so I’ll know whether to recommended them, or, was the illusion ruined because of the details I mentioned?

    Fill me in!


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