Good Stuff

Yeah, I’ve been wallowing in self-pity, but some good stuff has been happening, too.

  • Trillian, on her own, decided to join the volleyball team.  I guess having the Olympics on at the same time the athletic sign-ups happen is a good thing.  She is going to be in the same league, I think, that Busy Girl just graduated from.  I’ll be soliciting advice on how to be a good volleyball parent.  Funny, I always thought Trillian would be the musician, and Zaphod the athlete. 
  • My boss’ boss recently made an unreasonable request – I had given him an estimate of one month to do the work, and he insisted on two weeks.  He does this from time to time, I think, just to remind me that I’m his trained programming monkey.  Well, it was stressful as all get out (one of the reasons I haven’t been ale to post, in fact), but I did it.  Even though I hate it at the time, it is a little gratifying to know that my bosses expect from me what seems impossible.
  • Zaphod has really embraced the youth program at church.  I think he just needed to get away from his parents for a bit.  And Trillian is happy to be out of the shadow of her brother.
  • Although it cost $1200 to fix, our van is now good as new, and we can get back on track paying it off.  When we were younger, we would have done something stupid, like using the repair costs as an excuse to buy a new car. (The numbers don’t add up – that’s totally an emotional decision).
  • The Harding Academy folks deserve kudos from us.  They are running electricity to the fields they’ve been constructing in front of our house, and they are putting a new transformer on the pole directly in front of our house.  They decided to pay  a private contractor to do it instead of having NES do it, because NES would have cut down quite a few of our trees, as is their SOP.  The private contractor will leave our trees intact.  We REALLY appreciate this, because we lost 10 trees in the fire (we’ve since lost two more – they were weakened by the fire, and drought did them in).
  • My daughter is going to try to have a sleepover next week.  That means the house will get clean!
  • My dad says that Fay was a blessing to his part of Florida.  In fact, it seemed that Fay’s path seemed to concentrate on drought-stricken areas across the country.  Woot.  Right now, it looks like Gustav will miss them, but we’re keeping a very close eye on the situation.

See?  It’s not ALL bad!


2 Responses to “Good Stuff”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    Yay for volleyball!

    My only advice is to be in the restroom when they’re looking for line judges or you’ll end up doing it the whole season.

  2. bridgett Says:

    Kid decided she wanted to do an extra-curricular sport this year: gymnastics (dreams of Shawn Johnson, I think). It’s one hour a week, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and makes her happy. I was a little surprised that she wanted to join up (no friends on the team, just interested in trying it), but what the heck.

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