‘Brace’ Yourselves

We had the first of three dentist/orthodontist/endodontist appointments for the kids today.  The news on Zaphod took me aback a bit.

His mouth is so crowded, his teeth are coming in at such angles – they will have to take four teeth (two top, two bottom) before they can even begin straightening him out.  As most of you who have been through this before, the “straightening” out part can take up to two years or more.

They want to take four perfectly good adult teeth out of his mouth. 

What’s bad about it is that we really don’t have much of a choice.  This isn’t some vanity thing – his teeth are literally destroying one another by the angles they are coming in.

The cost is a little bit of a concern, (Disney World might now be in jeopardy), but what I’m most worried about is Zaphod.  He was already quite worried about having to have braces; now, the thought of multiple extractions is scaring him to death.  And I don’t know how to make it any less terrifying for him.

The only saving grace is that we have an appointment in two weeks (after school, thank goodness) in which they will make really cool computer models of what Zaphod’s mouth will look like when they are all done.  That’s the only thing he’s looking forward to out of all this.

Next, we go to the endodontist to see if they can save one of Trillian’s teeth (which is quite cracked).  Then, back to the dentist for a sealing.

I’m going to need a drink before this day is over (so will Zaphod).

Update The hits just keep coming. Trillian is getting a root canal at this very moment. Lovely. The only good news, this cancels the need for the 3rd appointment (today at least). When they asked if I wanted to do it today, I thought it best to get it over with before she had a long time to stew about it.


10 Responses to “‘Brace’ Yourselves”

  1. Susie Says:

    If it helps he can talk to Derek becuase he just had braces put on and will have to wear them for two years…

  2. Mack Says:

    Been there, done that. With mine it was small jaws, big teeth. The extractions are no big deal. My oldest is about to get hers off, now, the youngest’s turn. So far, I’m in around five grand. Looking at another five for him.

  3. dolphin Says:

    Tell Zaphod the extraction of the adult teeth is no big deal. They will numb him up so much he won’t feel his entire face for the rest of the day or his jaw for a couple of days. I’ve had a total of three removed. One toward the front before I got my braces to give some more room for the other teeth in my lower jaw (sounds like same thing they’re doing for him), and then two wisdom teeth (they weren’t impacted so no surgery for me, just had to have the yanked so they wouldn’t crowd the other teeth). After the numbing wears off, the pain is minimal enough that a dose of Tylenol is sufficient to knock it out.

  4. x117236 Says:

    If it’s any consolation, I had 4 perfectly good teeth removed from the TOP only for my braces. I’d suggest paying the out of pocket costs and letting him be knocked out for it.

  5. Original Lee Says:

    Another small mouth, big teeth person here. I also had to have perfectly health adult teeth removed in order for the braces to go in. But my teeth were seriously so screwed up that the only way I could eat corn on the cob was to run the cob along my cheek and gnaw like a rodent as it went by. After braces (ahem, 6 years, 3 with headgear, plus 3 years of retainers afterwards), I can eat like a normal person. My orthodontist kept my before and after molds to use when talking to other kids, because mine were almost always worse than theirs.

    If Zaphod has never had cavities filled or any other dental work involving needles, that part is probably what is freaking him out, but he probably won’t admit it. I don’t know if kids his age can go the sedation dentistry route or not for extractions. I wouldn’t go that way with my kids, but YMMV. I have a good dentist who will make sure everything is totally numb with topical anesthetic before going in with the needle. In a totally off-the-wall kind of way, I think watching the Tim Conway dentist sketch on YouTube a couple of times might help get across to him that he won’t feel very much pain during the procedure.

    We’re currently getting ready for our first orthodontist consult with my oldest child. I’m hoping for fast and cheap.

  6. bridgett Says:

    Kid’s gotten off pretty good. No extractions and the straightening out is going really quickly (it’s been six months and she’s nearly done with her tracks), but she’s had to have her palate expanded on her top and bottom. Yes, that’s right. We’ve had to help tighten the instrument to physically stretch her jawbones (little torture devices) and it’s exactly as much fun as you might imagine.

    So, if Zaphod wants to look on the bright side, you can point out that at least he won’t have to have his skull distended from the inside out.

  7. bridgett Says:

    Oh, and poor Trillian. Hope the root canal fixes the problem.

  8. dolphin Says:

    bridgett, I had one of those little torture devices on my upper jaw for awhile. I can at least assure you that when the orthodontist says that gap that forms between the two front teeth when your using that thing is only temporary, he is telling the truth.

  9. Katherine Coble Says:

    You wouldn’t know it from the amount I talk, but I have an abnormally small mouth. Actually, everything in my body that is a tube of some kind is deformed or too small–mouth, sinuses, eustachian tubes, fallopian tubes, ureters, colon, uterine cervix.

    It’s a type of birth defect that they’re just now picking up on…

    Anyway, I had to have 6 healthy adult teeth pulled and wore braces for 8 years. So all of that self-indulgent prattle on my part was just to say that I fully relate and feel for your kids.

    Also, please do whatever you can to make sure they have adequate pain relief. No one believed me for years that my orthodontia hurt so bad. Keep lots of Advil and tylenol on hand and don’t hesitate to ask the orthodontist for Hydrocodone or Tramadol if the kids are suffering too badly.

    But do make sure whenever your kids have orthodontial pain to take both an anti-inflammatory like Advil or Aleve AND an analgesic like Tylenol. That cocktail should help them tremendously–especially after tightenings.

  10. Zaraa Says:

    My teeth are a little too big for my mouth as well, but its not extreme, its just a vanity thing really if I do get braces. My first orthodontist app. is on Monday. Although its free for me because of the NHS

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