Sports Brain Dump

Haven’t talked sports for a while.  Here’s a bunch to get you caught up.

  • I KNOW it’s all an illusion, but I absolutely love eating up the whole “Olympic Ideal”.  Let me hear those tympani and trumpets, and I’m glued to the set, watching a 12 hour taped-delayed broadcast of some sport that normally wouldn’t merit coverage on ESPN Ocho. 
  • I hope Danica Patrick jumps to NASCAR.  I’m done with the IRL, after they screwed Nashville over the way they did.  Besides, she always had trouble adhering to their ridiculous “no blocking” rule.  What kind of motor sport takes half the strategy out of the rules?  Besides, Danica already has the whole professional wrestling mindset that is neccessary to be a star in today’s game (Kyle Bush, anyone?)
  • I have this vision in my head.  Monday night, October 27, the Colts and Titans are locked in a tight game.  The Titans defense has frustrated Peyton Manning, as it has done the last few games.  The Titans are winning 13-10 in the 4th quarter.  Lendale White has been pounding the Colts with bruising 2 and 3 yard runs all night.  On 3rd and three, White lines up with Chris Johnson behind Vince Young.  Johnson takes the handoff (behind a lead block by White), gets behind the beaten down defensive line of scrimmage, and takes it to the house.  You might have seen Johnson’s speed on television, but I’m telling you, seeing it live is a mindblowing experience.  If he is used correctly, he’s going to be an unstoppable weapon for the Titans this year.
  • The Titans might still be below average at wide receiver this year, though.
  • Both of the above statements come to you courtesy of the standard disclaimer, “You can’t tell anything from one preseason game”
  • Some of you are so young, you don’t remember a time like this when the Braves sucked.  Now you know what I went through the first twenty years of my life.
  • Brett Farve is an egotistical weenie.  As a man, he cannot hold Steve McNair’s jockstrap.
  • Alexander Radulov is an egotistical weenie.  Take the money and run to your war-torn country, Alex.
  • Kyle Bush is a weenie who happens to be running away with the championship this year.
  • How the heck did David Gilliland survive this crash? 
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3 Responses to “Sports Brain Dump”

  1. dolphin Says:

    You watch last nights Men’s 400m swimming relay? After that, they should be saying “Michael Phelps? Oh you mean that guy who raced with Jason Lezak?” Seriously, one of the more exciting moments I’ve seen in the Olympics. Then again, I mostly just watch men’s gymnastics, and men’s swimming (though I wish they’d ditch the body suits and bring back the speedos, just sayin’), and occasionally Judo.

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    Of course, I went to bed before the best moment of the olympics so far (after that snoozer of a women’s gymnastics team qualifying). NBC is ticking me off – I KNOW there are other countries participating besides the US and China.

    I have a vested rooting interest in South Korea, for instance (who won their first swimming medal!)

    Have you noticed that many of the swimmers are now wearing the “half” speedos? And if I hear any more stupid comments about facial hair losing races, I’m going to scream at my TV.

  3. dolphin Says:

    I almost did the same thing! I just started to get up to go to bed around 11, then saw the little thing flash across the bottom of the screen which read “Phelps in 29 min” and thought, “OK, I’ll just stay up to see that race then call it a night.” I’m glad I did.

    If you’re routing for South Korea (and presumably the USA), you must be happy with the results of the 200m Freestyle tonight (Park took silver with an American on each side of him).

    I’ve noticed that the male swimmers are sometimes where half body suits and sometimes full body suits, but it seems to be consistent across all swimmers in a race which makes me wonder if the full body suits aren’t too restrictive for certain strokes. When they’re in the full body suits though, I swear at a glance you can’t tell if you’re looking at one of the guys or the gals. Was never hard to tell when they wore the “real” speedos, now only the divers do.

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