Feel Good Friday: Two Birds With One Stone

I like this one, not only because I can get all nostalgic about 9th grade, but because you youngins’ who came of age in the early 90’s can get all nostalgic for your ‘Reality Bites’ days.

I hate to tell you this, kiddos, but we are approaching 20 year milestones for all the early 90’s events.  Wow.  Not to mention the fact that this song is approaching 30 years old.  Still rocks, though.  My only regret is that this is the “short guitar solo” version.

Anyway, have fun!


One Response to “Feel Good Friday: Two Birds With One Stone”

  1. MissSharonCobb Says:

    I remember the jacket on for this single where it had them standing like the Beatles on ‘Something New” album.

    Fun fun fun!

    They were touted at the time as the next Beatles. Didn’t quite happen, but this one sure worked.


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