Brain Dump #42

I think it’s a blogger statute that says that after so many days of not posting, one must post a brain dump before more coherent posts can be written.  And, I’m all about the law, so here goes.

  • Lintilla saw the doctor yesterday, and got another CT scan.  The tumor has not grown.  But, they did find something very interesting that they didn’t see in the last scan: the tumor is very, very close to a couple of blood vessels.  This would make traditional surgery very difficult.  However, because of the location, Lintilla is a perfect candidate for Percutaneous Cryotherapy (Rachel, you might find the link interesting;me? I hardly understand even the pictures).  Basically, guided by cameras, the surgeon freezes off the tumor.  This procedure is probably the least invasive of all of our options, and will have a much quicker recovery time.  The doc has talked us into waiting until January.  Since the thing hasn’t grown, and since Lintilla is at peace with it, I’m at peace with it.
  • Speaking of Lintilla, she got a speeding ticket today.  Her first since like 1978. 
  • The kids are at church camp, and it just feels weird.  When they were at their grandparents, it was different because we could call them at any time.  Out at this camp, we cannot contact them at all.  I know they are in good hands, but I still feel weird about it.
  • The previous four weeks, the kids had gone to Camp Renaissance.  For any of you with kids, I couldn’t give a higher recommendation to this camp.  They packed the kids’ days with so many fun activities, there was no time for rolled eyes, whining, or snarkiness.  They did the usual zip lines, fishing, archery, swimming, tubing – and they shot guns.  My daughter even won an award for her sharpshooting skills.  She was so good at the rifle, they moved her up to clay shooting with the big kids during the last week.  The kids begged us to let them go back next year.  If you know my kids, you know that they consider it the height of uncool-ness to show that they like anything, so this is truly high praise.
  • The kids asked us about church camp (it’s Cedar Crest, in case you’re curious).  We told them, “It’s just like Camp Renaissance, except you talk about God and stuff.”  It remains to be seen how well they do with the last part, being worried about looking cool and all.  I’ve threatened them with electronics confiscation if I hear they had a mocking attitude.  The good news is, the preacher’s kid couldn’t go, so at least there won’t be any bad influences there. 🙂
  • I might just have to go to Blogher next year.  I mean, at my other place, 90% of my readers are young females now, and let’s just say UBN has, er, a few readers.  Now, they say men are welcome at Blogher – but I have a feeling I’d be about as welcome as a stay at home dad in a mom’s play group.  We’ll see.  If I go, it would be reminiscent of that 1985 Rick Springfield concert I went to. It was wonderful being surrounded by so many women, but they weren’t really paying attention to me, were they?
  • It’s funny when you are the child of teen parents – their experience isn’t ancient history, it happens right before your eyes.  I find myself more and more running from the ghosts of my parents’ mistakes and triumphs.  I find that many times I define myself, for good or ill, by how I stack up against decisions they made 15 or so years ago.  My second child is 10.  When my mom was my age, I (her second child) was 25.  I’ve been thinking about my folks a lot lately.  Sometimes, they drive me so crazy I could scream.  Sometimes, I love them so much it almost hurts.  Seeing them turn gray is tough – especially knowing that I’m right on their heels.
  • I’m feeling really ecclesiastical lately.  Actually, I should have capitalized that – I mean that I can really relate to “Nothing new under the sun” and “dust to dust” – really the whole darned, depressing book.  So, if I post something that seems out of character for me, just know it’s a phase (I hope). 
  • I still heart Plumgood Food.
  • Hey, Kat – you were missed.  FYI, I’ll bet you’ll think I’m insane.  I’m planning a Disney “grand gathering” for somewhere between 9-13 family members for next year.  One is in a wheelchair, and one will be reluctantly in a ECV (if I can talk her into it).  I have managed 20 million dollar mainframe systems before, but this will be by far the biggest, most complex undertaking I have ever embarked upon.  Between the cost, the special needs, the different “vacation styles”, and navigating the more conservative elderly members of our party around Gay Days (don’t be mad, dolphin – I just don’t need the aggravation), I may have to hire a project manager.
  • I realize this will get me kicked off of many blogrolls, but I really like Miley Cyrus’ new song.
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2 Responses to “Brain Dump #42”

  1. badbadivy Says:

    Go to the BlogHer Nashville session. Most of us who already know and love you will be there, so you’ll be in great company. Besides, look at what a big hit Guy Kawasaki was at BlogHer. You’re not him, exactly, but I think you’d still be a hit.

  2. Lynnster Says:

    Gosh, I haven’t gotten by here for a while but I was so bummed to read that Lintilla is still having to deal with that stuff. Will keep you all in good thoughts & prayers.

    As for BlogHer, I saw lots of men there in many of the pics I saw, you should go.

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