Dangit! Too Late!

This is what Trillian and I were going to design for her science project next year. 


Somebody beat us to it!  From the story:

The plan, developed by Jay Andress and Andy Webster, is to use the small electric cars for short distances about town. When you need to go out to the exurbs or to another city, using the wheels attached to your roof, you connect yourself to the monorail. While you’re autonomously whisked away to your predetermined destination at speeds of up to 200 mph, your car uses the rail to charge its battery.

Of all the innovative ideas I’ve seen lately. this is my favorite.  It combines high speed mass transit with the very American idea of transportation autonomy.

They’ve built a prototype of the car, but they’ll need to design a highly complex traffic control system.  I’ll do it for a few million.  Just sayin’.

Now, I expect many responses telling me how it just won’t work.  Some of you are so invested in the peak oil zombie apocalypse that you refuse to hear any alternatives but death and panic, followed by a high-density utopia (except for the farmers) for those who survive.

I’ll pass.  Give me the monorail!

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2 Responses to “Dangit! Too Late!”

  1. Mr. Mack Says:

    Been spending time with Bill Hobbs? Most of us “Peak Oil” alarmists applaud ANY effort toward removing our collective mouths off the big oil tit. Rather than face this challenge with a pollyanna-ish “everything will work out cuz we’re ‘mericans!” we are seeking out innovation and motivation whenever it shows itself.

    One silver bullet emerging is unlikely. Rather, there will be some alternatives more viable than others, until, eventually, someone somewhere perfects a way to move us around safely and responsibly.

    But its a little late for baby steps…

  2. Tara Says:

    Ya know, it’s kinda “Wall-E”esque. I like it! But those that don’t like roller coasters might not be terribly fond of it.

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