My First Grocery Delivery Experience

Because I said I would, I’ll let you know how things went with Plumgood.  So far, I couldn’t be happier.  They delivered the groceries on Saturday while we were away (must have been about 11:00 am).  They came in those plastic bins that corporations use for mass document and media storage.  The cold stuff had a styrofoam insert and cool packs.  The frozen stuff had dry ice.

The quality of the produce was really, really good.  I worried, because it’s rough letting someone else pick out your fruits and vegetables for you.  The bananas were EXACLY as I would have chosen them (a little green).  The potatoes were a little smaller than I thought they’d be, but I’ll adjust to that next time.

My one splurge was sausage made by their butcher.  OMG, y’all – it is SO good!  Lightly spiced, I was able to form it into patties and make just enough for this week’s McMuffins (I used the same egg ring that I cook the eggs with).  Most store bought sausage is over-spiced, but this was perfect!

On the downside, we did miss a few things, so we ended up going to the Valley of the Shadow of Death anyway.  I’m afraid I drove everyone crazy, insisting we would stick to our list.  We were going to have to go anyway, because Lintilla needed shorts, Trillian needed hair clips, and Zaphod needed a hat to cover what he considers a bad haircut.  Will I ever be free of the grip of WalMart?

Hopefully, my grocery-list making abilities will improve, and we can skip WM altogether.

Next week, the kids are at a week-long overnight church camp, so we’ll need to order a whole lot less food.  That’ll be a nice, short break.

Oh, Trillian and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies Sunday morning.  They turned out heavenly (Ghirardelli was the only ‘mainstream’ choice for chocolate chips – yum!), at less cost than a couple of packs of Oreos.  The trick is adding a couple of packs of vanilla pudding mix to the dry goods of the cookie dough.

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3 Responses to “My First Grocery Delivery Experience”

  1. susiereel Says:

    Using real butter in the cookies gives them a whole new flavor…I have some that taste like my mom’s old fashioned tea cakes…yummy!

  2. dolphin Says:

    The trick is adding a couple of packs of vanilla pudding mix to the dry goods of the cookie dough.

    Also try putting a dollop of vanilla pudding directly on top of a finished sugar cookie and sprinkling mixed berries over the whole thing. Rich enough to put you into a sugar coma but absolutely to die for.

  3. Warrior Says:

    Need the cookie recipie!!!!!

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