I Just Have No Words For This

I was looking for a video of the novelty song from the mid 70’s by Larry Groce called “Junk Food Junkie” to post for “Feel Good Thursday” (Friday, I’ll be posting the greatest patriotic song ever recorded).  Anyway, there are no videos of Groce performing the song, but I ran across this, and my head nearly exploded:

OMG.  Mackenzie Phillips.  The Jacksons.  Michael Jackson playing “Mikey”.  It’s a carnival of nostalgic bizarre-ness.

By the way, whenever “Junk Food Junkie” comes up in my iPod, I think of Brittney Gilbert.  I have no idea why, except maybe remembering her struggles with a strictly vegan diet.  But of course, she wasn’t even born when this song was a hit.

It’s funny how the song is still relevant today, minus the peasant shirt and Euell GIbbons references.

For you youngins who don’t remember the song, here’s a video someone made illustrating the original.  WARNING to Kat Coble: there are visual fat kid references, which, I think, are unfortunate, and ruin an otherwise great video.


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