Feel Good Friday Two-fer

My daughter thought this song stunk because all she knew was the Jonas Brothers’ version.  I had to educate her with a little 80’s old school:

After all these years, after all the money spent on thousands of lavish videos, I think that Aha’s Take on Me might still be the single greatest of all time.

Now for a little 80’s silliness.  We get SOOOOO worked up about “issues” that we forget how to laugh with each other.  I know that some might think this video is insensitive, that it laughs AT a certain group of people, but I would disagree.  First, it was a different time.  I think the song describes the situation for many we would now call “undocumented immigrants” at the time, in a humorous manner.  And secondly, this is Phil Collins.  Silly?  Goofy?  Formulaic? 

Of course.

Racist?  Are you kidding me?

But the song is the most fun I’ve ever heard about a “serious” issue.  Say what you want about Collins, but he knows how to write a catchy tune.  Now, whenever I see humorless people at each others’ throats over the immigration issue, I sing this song under my breath. 

Have fun!

7 Responses to “Feel Good Friday Two-fer”

  1. dolphin Says:

    I know a guy (who is a fairly talented song writer and an excellent singer) who made his own version of Take On Me. The only problem is that he managed to make it incredibly depressing (all of his songs are incredibly depressing).

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    I guess this is a negative thought, and as much as I’m trying to not be negative I do have to say it.

    The a-ha video has always made me kinda carsick.

    Love the song, but I have a really weak inner ear.

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  4. Slartibartfast Says:

    Kat, Lintilla has the same problem. She can’t do ANY of the rides at Universal because they are all “movie” rides that “swoop”.

    But you know, the song is great in an of itself, even without the video.

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  6. squirrelqueen Says:

    Two good choices. The aha video started an era of innovation in videos that carried musicians beyond stage performances and Phil is just catchy too. Happy Friday to you.

  7. Warrior Says:

    The Collins video was great! I don’t think I’d ever seen it. And what’s wrong with catchy and formulatic? That just means they are original AND craft that into something popular! Thanks for the laugh!

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