Stone Is A Good Conductor of Sound

It is obvious that Harding Academy is determined  to have their new athletic fields completed before the start of the school year this fall.  I know this because an army of workmen and machines is busily changing the landscape of the 7.5 acre site, six (sometimes seven) days a week, from 5:30 AM till 5:30 PM!

Instead of blasting, when they need to they are drilling into the almost-entirely rock mountain. (OK, it’s a hill – give me a little latitude here – mountain is more dramatic).  On the surface (literally), the dtrilling is non-disrupting and makes little noise.  The earth movers are far more noisy. 

However, our family room is a converted basement.  It is quite literally built into the mountain.  When I go downstairs, it sounds almost as if the mountain has a heartbeat.  The house constantly (at this level) vibrates ever so slightly in the rhythm of the huge hydraulic drill, and this is not only a nuisance, it’s a little worrisome.

Yet, I’m not TOO worried about foundation problems, because if the workers have revealed anything, it’s that Nine Mile Hill is one mammoth, solid rock with topsoil on it.  There’s no place for my house to sink.  No wonder we have a hard time growing anything.

It’s also the reason we don’t have an in-ground pool.

Hopefully, the heavy construction will be done soon and our neighborhood can get a little quieter.  That is, until our afternoons will be filled with the sounds of children playing various outdoor sports.  That’s a sound I can live with.

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