Feel Good Friday: Wagon Wheel

I like Sharon Cobb’s example, so I’ll play along. 

Normally, taking an unfinished, unreleased Bob Dylan chorus and finishing it out with your own verses and melody would be considered the height of arrogance and folly.  But for some reason, Old Crow Medicine Show’s “Wagon Wheel” is simply soul-satisfying:

This song just makes me happy.  Maybe it’s that Ketch Secor borrows heavily from Dylan’s nasal-whiny style.  Perhaps it the 1-5-3m-4 progression that just screams “blissfully meloncholy”.   BTW, it’s the same progression as Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m goin’ Down”, and about a million other songs.

But anyway, enjoy.  And remember: if you die in Raleigh, at least you will die free.

UPDATE: I just realized, it’s a 1-5-6m-4 progression.  In C it would be the A-minor.  Although the E-minor would be an interesting touch, it would totally change the feel of the song.

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3 Responses to “Feel Good Friday: Wagon Wheel”

  1. bridgett Says:

    Love this song. Moreover, take a good long look at the dark-haired burlesque dancer in the animal print and I think you’ll see that it’s none other than the gal who wrote the screenplay for Juno. (my acquaintance Brooke Busey, aka Diablo Cody). How cool is it that their video now features an Academy Award winner?

  2. bridgett Says:

    Makes sense, though…this was shot in Minneapolis, she was working as an exotic dancer in Minneapolis. My, how things do turn around in this world.

  3. Slartibartfast Says:

    Now, talk about irony. The reason I didn’t care for Juno was not the theme, or the execution, but that STUPID song “Anyone Else But You”. There is nothing more detestable than a song you know is awful, but at the same time it’s so catchy it becomes an earworm.

    Life is just strange.

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