I Only Know Three Chords!

Lintilla and I were reminiscing about Cheech and Chong last night (don’t ask me why).  The kids overheard us, and wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

They’ve now discovered Ear Ache My Eye.

This really isn’t much of a video, but the audio is what’s important here.  I absolutely wore Cheech and Chong’s Wedding Album out back in the day.

Oh, Lord, I pray they don’t ever ask about Richard Pryor! I might be forced to tell them about Little Baby Feets.

2 Responses to “I Only Know Three Chords!”

  1. Ford Prefect Says:

    I wore that 8 track out in my old ’71 Mustang!!!!

  2. bridgett Says:

    Man, I haven’t heard that in thirty years. It’s even funnier now that I’m a parent.

    Your kids probably would like the Beastie Boys. Cheech and Chong are a major influence on them…humorous trippy rap over crunching heavy tracks. Songs like Sure Shot, Sabotage, or Gratitude really show the influence. And one has to appreciate the sentiments of this song’s lyric:

    Good times gone but you missed them.
    What’s gone wrong in your system?
    Things they bounce just like a Spalding.
    What’d you think? Did you miss your calling?
    It’s so free, this kind of feeling —
    It’s like life (it’s so appealing).
    When you got so much to say,
    It’s called gratitude.

    Good times gone but you feed it.
    Hate’s grown strong, you feel you need it.
    But there’s just One thing. Do you know it?
    What you think — that the world owes you?
    What’s gonna set you free?
    Look inside and you’ll see.
    When you got so much to say,
    It’s called gratitude.

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