Can’t I Have Just A Little Bit Of Peril?

This is the third year in a row my kids have worn their swimsuits to school for field day, but it was too cold to swim (outside).  Luckily, field day is at the Brentwood Y, but they hate swimming inside there.  I have no idea why, but they are pretty adamant about it.

I know it’s awful of me to say, but I wish we could have a just a little bit of that global warming everyone keeps talking about.  I remember mid to late May being much hotter than we’ve seen the last three years.  Heck, last year, we had a hard freeze.  Maybe I should buy an Escallade to hurry things along? 🙂  Just a wee bit of global warming, please, so we can get May back to normal? (Dear humorless – Please unwad panties.)

My kids have so many non-school things going on through school that academic work is pretty much over for the year.  Which is a shame, because my son needs to take at least one more accellerated math test to raise his grade up to at least a C, or he’s grounded for the summer. 

Not only that, but each of these non-school school events is costing me money – I’ll need to take out a home equity loan just to get through the last couple of weeks of school.  This is one of the perils of sending your kids to school with other kids who are in a higher economic bracket.

That, and being subtly accused of being racist and elitist by the Tennessean.

But, one outcome of my news/blog/radio hiatus is that I just don’t feel the need to prove my goodness to anyone anymore.  Certainly not the Tennessean.  Nor anyone else.  I am what I am.  Love me.  Hate me.  Whatever – I don’t own it anymore.

But, I would like y’all to pray for my son.  His entire school year has come down to one self-test.  He either makes the honor roll, or spends his summer with no video games or television.  Which MIGHT be a good thing.  He could spend it outside, as I remember my summers.

If it ever warms up enough for him to get outside.

 NOTE: we won’t be punishing our son for not making the honor roll, but for getting a D for the second six weeks in a row in Advanced Math. The grading for this class is extremely objective: he has to show mastery of 30 objectives through the accellerated math quizzes. The teacher does not assign them, the student has to take the initiative to take the exams on his own. This has been Zaphod’s downfall. He is not much of a self-motivator. We’ve pushed him all we could this six weeks. In the end, it’s up to him. Dang, he reminds me of me at that age.

One FInal thing, because upon re-reading this it looks like we’re being too tough on Zaphod.  A few weeks ago, some folks from Vanderbilt were using kids from my kids’ school to test some new educational techniques.  They tested each kid in math, used the techniques, then tested them again.  Zaphod was sent home after the first test because he “tested out” – he knew all the material already.  His teacher says he’s one of the most advanced in his class.  SOOOO – getting a “D” because he didn’t take the time to take enough self-assesments – we can’t just let that slide.  That being said, I have the utmost confidence he’ll take the test and raise it to a “B”.  Interestingly, a “C” isn’t really possible this six weeks.  It’s one or the other.


4 Responses to “Can’t I Have Just A Little Bit Of Peril?”

  1. Warrior Says:

    “That, and being subtly accused of being racist and elitist by the Tennessean.

    Who you are is a good man, doing the best he can, and trusting the rest to God. No one can ask more than that.

  2. Susie Says:

    I wish to God that I could afford to have my kids in private school and NOT at Hillwood. But we are where we are, and I can’t afford it, so we have to make the best of it. The bad thing is I moved over here from Antioch thinking I was doing the best thing for my kids by getting them out of that atmosphere and brought them to a far worse school.

  3. bridgett Says:

    It’s been between 40 and 50 degrees here lately. I still have flannel sheets and a down comforter on our beds.

    Kid’s school does the big wind-down in the last ten days. We take her out early and have her do an independent project where she does a photo-journal and e-mails her teacher a report on where-ever we go on vacation. That way, I don’t feel frustrated when I hear that the kids are sitting around playing board games for the last week of school. We cope with the “kid going to school with rich kids” monetary problem by saying no to a lot of the social stuff.

  4. lwayswright Says:

    Guys…global warming is a live and well here in Phoenix. Actually it isn’t global warming at all, it is just the fact that we live in desert and it is really hot! We are getting some triple digits already and that will last us clear through next september possibly october. My kids are way beyond wanting school to end. I sympathize with you on the grades thing. It is so hard at the end to push them to get the one last grade that will make or break them…and discipline is the only way to handle that stuff sometimes. So, my prayers go out to your son, to you and to all those teachers out there dealing with kids who are just ready for summer vacation to begin!

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