Last Stand

My kids were both born in Pusan, South Korea.  Pusan is a coastal metropolis of 3.69 million, but it is most famous outside of Korea for being the site of the “last stand” of coalition forces at the beginning of the Korean War.

The North Koreans had invaded, and swept away all opposition, until all that was left was a tiny sliver of the Korean peninsula in and around Pusan.  The Americans and South Koreans fought furiously to hold this small area, and were ultimately successfu.  Had they not done this, all of Korea would be under the rule of Kim Yong il today.

I think of this when I look at my Kitchenaid mixer.

With two kids and three dogs, and an extremely busy lifestyle, keeping my house clean has become darned near impossible.  I have ceded ground to the mess week after week – but I make my last stand in the area of my kitchen between the mixer and the sink.

I stand in front of it like Gandalf, shouting “You shall not pass!” to clutter and those who make it.

The rest of my house might be fodder for the health inspector, but that small area is going to remain immaculate, dangit.

The kids go to Florida to visit grandma in a couple of weeks.  I’m hoping I can fight my way out at that time.

Until then, I’ll be cleaning that corner of the kitchen.

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