The Real Talent Of The Family

I was searching for some mp3s that I remember someone ripped from a CD produced by the band that me, Ford, and my brother Scott used to be in. I wanted to give nm a good idea of how I go nuts with production in the studio. 🙂

Well, I couldn’t find them (paging Ford – where are they?). But, while searching around, I discovered that my brother has some new music out.

Scott is a virtuoso guitarist – in the style of Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. He’s been known to cut some blues as well. Give a listen:

Scott’s Music Page

Unlike many in his genre, he knows how to play in a major key. Very well. Pay close attention to the track “Dance of the Delighted Dolphins“. The arpeggiation is 3-part harmony, the lead is many times 2 or 3 part. Like me, he likes to heavily produce.

He has more talent in his little finger than I will ever have. And he records all of this from the comfines of a custom-made recliner in my parents’ living room. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to hold up the guitar.

The only two tracks I played with him were “The Lonely“, and “Strange Sammi Strut” (in that one I added the silliest sounding horn tracks ever. I recorded a trumpet, sax, and trombone separately to make them sound more realistic).

You will notice on “Crippled Boy Blues” and “Strange Sammi Strut”, he channels Billy Gibbons.

If you listen to no other track, check out “Polyphony Overload“.

For slick production check out “The thrill of the chase“. He recorded that with a friend of his,long distance. There’s even a (strange) duet he did with a didjeridu player.

I haven’t heard his stuff in a while. He is such an awesome talent, I’m just proud to say I’m his brother.


4 Responses to “The Real Talent Of The Family”

  1. Ford Prefect Says:

    I’ll try and rip some stuff for you this weekend. I’ve got it on CD at the house.

  2. Ford Prefect Says:

    do you want some video as well?

  3. Slartibartfast Says:

    Dear God in Heaven, I forgot about the video.

    Pick something nice.

  4. Warrior Says:

    I’ve seen some of the video. Good luck with that! I just listened to Polyphony Overload, and Scott is a composer in the classical sense of the word. That was awesome!

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