The DVR Hates Me

OK, I have a Comcast question for anyone who cares to answer.   Comcast’s CS is feast or famine, and this isn’t urgent, just a question I have.

Why does the storage capacity of my DVR seem to change from day to day?  A couple of days ago, I’m sitting happily at about 50%, content that ONE DAY I’ll watch those Discovery “Human Body” episodes I recorded, or that 20/20 that featured the royal family.

I get up this morning, and the screen is filled with an urgent message about my DVR being full and that no more recording can be done.  Of course, this included the CSI NY I was attempting to record last night.  Lintilla’s going to be royally ticked.

Anyway, I proceed to delete everything unnecessary, and hardly a dent was made in the total space used.  I deleted EVERY recorded program but the last Medium.  With that one 1-hour program, 66% was filled.  Granted it was HD, but I’ve had well over 10 hours of HD programming stored before.

I’m going to guess and say that, when maintenance on the DVR is being performed – say a defrag – the necessary space on the DVRs hard drive is reserved and unavailable.

Am I close?

I WILL say that booting the thing doesn’t help, in the immediate term.

I need something concrete to tell my wife, because she thinks I’m an idiot when it comes to the cable TV.  For instance, on either of our receivers, there are times when I pause live TV, start watching again, get to a commercial and hit the fast-forward button.  Nothing happens.  I hit it again, still nothing.  Again,again.  Then 30 seconds later, the DVR begins responds to the first FF, then a few seconds later, the second.  It gets to where the show has come back, so I hit play.  But the DVR is now responding the the 3rd and 4th times I hit FF, and soon, I’m 10 minutes past where I want to be.  When it finally responds to when I hit ‘play’, it’s showing the next set of commercials.  I hit rewind, with no immediate response, and the whole thing starts all over again in reverse.

Lintilla swears this NEVER happens to HER.  And for all I know, it doesn’t.

Are DVR manufacturers involved in some kind of feminist plot to make husbands give up the remote control?

Update:  I should also add – Am I the ultimate dork because I actually watch all the recently added HD channels in Nashville?  Animal Planet , ABC Family (Trillian just discovered Sabrina), Disney, TLC, Discovery,Food Network,History Channel, HGTV,CNN, Science and sometimes even TBS and AMC? 


3 Responses to “The DVR Hates Me”

  1. Linda Says:

    We don’t have HD and have had our Comcast DVR jump from around 30% to “full” twice. Both times, I deleted the most recently recorded show (Sesame Street and News 2 at 10:00) and both times, it jumped back to normal.

    It’s Comcastic. :o)

  2. W Says:

    I’ve noticed that sometimes they forget to shut off when your show is over. If something weird like that is going on, look at the length of recording on your recent shows and see if they are extraordinarily long. One series recording I set did fine for 3 months but then randomly forgot to turn off and record 20 hours after the show was over. I think it would still be recording if it hadn’t run out of space.

  3. ComcastCares1 Says:

    I am sorry to learn about the DVR issue.

    I will be happy to reach out to my executive contacts to look into this for you. Please feel free to contact me so that I can get your contact information.

    Thanks in advance!


    Mark C.
    Comcast Executive Offices

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