On A Lighter Note

Zaphod has an assignment to memorize the preamble to the constitution.  He is annoyed to heck with the fact that ever since he told me this, I’ve been singing it to him, nonstop.

Those of you who are about my age understand:

Schoolhouse Rock.  It might be the single most unifying pop culture phenomenon of my generation, besides maybe the US Festival.  It was an incredible teaching tool.  To this day, I know all of the words to the preamble, but only in song.  I’ll bet most of the other parents at my kids’ school are singing it, too.

 Good memories of ABC Saturday mornings.


4 Responses to “On A Lighter Note”

  1. Face Says:

    What timing… Just minutes prior to reading this, I helped my daughter with her Preamble. Thanks for the Schoolhouse Rock reference. We listened to it together ( and Conjunction Junction and a few others on youtube)… maybe it will help when she takes her test.

  2. Susie Says:

    How funny!!! I actually taught my kids practically everything to music…if you ask them to this day what our address was when they were little they pretty much sing it to you…

  3. dolphin Says:

    Music is one of the greatest teaching tools out there. Is there ANYBODY who didn’t learn their alphabet by singing it?
    (I also learned my months of the year that way in “Pre-K” and when we eventually had to learn them in 1st grade I immediately told the teacher I was ready to test and passed with flying colors)

  4. Busy Mom Says:

    When we went to see grown-ups performance of School House Rock live last year, everyone in the place was our age, and knew every word.

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