It Had To Happen

Stuff White People Like is now going to be a book.

BTW, for those of you who read the site, go over each entry, then tell me: who is whiter, Mack or me?  The absolute whitest person (by SWPL standards) I read is Claudia, all the way down to the love for produce co-ops.  The least would be Ivy, who is definitely a WINO. 😉

Seriously once you figure out who the guy is talking about (Braisted), it’s VERY funny.


4 Responses to “It Had To Happen”

  1. badbadivy Says:

    Bahaha, yeah, by those standards, I’m pretty well not white. 😉

  2. claudia (cook eat FRET) Says:

    as white as the white on rice… that’d be me
    but in a pretty bohemian way…

  3. claudia (cook eat FRET) Says:

    after going through the list, i’m only liking about 35 out of about 86 or so…

  4. claudia (cook eat FRET) Says:

    i mean 92 (not 86)
    i am just over 1/3 white

    sorry to disappoint…

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