Civics Lesson

My daughter is mad as heck, and she’s not going to take it anymore.  We’ve talked about it before, but I guess with the presidential election going on, it has come to the forefront in her consciousness. 

Trillian blurted out in the car this afternoon, “I’m angry that I can’t run for president.”

I asked her, “Do you WANT to run for president?”

“No.  But if I wanted to, I can’t.  That’s wrong.”

She even pointed out a certain injustice I had never thought of before.  She reminded me that the children of illegal immigrants can become president, if they were born in the US.  Yet, even with citizen parents who went through all the right channels to get her to the United States, her 8 months in Korea at the beginning of her life disqualify her for our nation’s highest office.

Now, I didn’t want to get into a deep philosophical discussion with her about the sins of the father.  I admired her critical thinking skills (especially for a 10 year old), and suggested she write to her congressman and two senators.  She is working on it right now, and with her permission, I will post the full text of her letter here. 

She even has an idea: to keep the original intent of the constitution, she suggests that naturalized citizens should be allowed to run for president after being a citizen for 20 years.  Makes sense to me.

If she gets responses from any of the officials she writes, I will post those here as well.


8 Responses to “Civics Lesson”

  1. lcreekmo Says:

    Slarti, tell Trillian she’s got me on her side, too. I was telling someone today that although I would not wish being president on my worst enemy, I am so frustrated that my son is ineligible due to his being born and spending the first 7 months of his life in Guatemala before becoming a U.S. citizen and moving in with us. 🙂

    I think her plan sounds great.

  2. bridgett Says:

    I agree that this is a Constitutional principle that can and should be amended. Trillian may find that her representatives listen attentively, as there has been recent serious discussion of just such an amendment because of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inability to run for President. He’s been a pretty good governor (despite being a jerk personally) and some in the Republican party would like to run him as a Repub-lite candidate with pull among independents. (I just read an interesting article about him and his post-partisan style in Esquire.)

    Good luck to her.

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    […] Slartibartfast’s foreign-born adopted daughter cannot run for President. She is not pleased and she will be getting with her elected officials on it: Trillian blurted out in the car this afternoon, “I’m angry that I can’t run for president.” […]

  5. mickey Says:

    She sounds like a spoiled brat. Tell her perhaps she can go to where she was born and be president there. We donot need to change Our Constitution for this reason.

  6. Susie Says:

    Mickey-you have no right to make an assumption like that about Trillian, and I think that Slarti is an absolutely incredible father because he is willing to allow his children the freedoms that all people deserve to voice their opinions…and is in fact encouraging her to do so…this world would be alot better place if more people did get involved with making changes where they deem them necessary…instead of being willing to just go along with the crowd, so to speak…

  7. Warrior Says:

    Slarti, the wife and I are totally behind Trillian on this one. It seems to me that people who have chosen to be a part of this country often have a better love and understanding of it than those who take citizenship for granted. Besides, in knowing her, we think she’s already better qualified than what’s out there currently!

  8. Ford Prefect Says:

    Trillian is a great kid and I think it takes a heck of a set to make an assumption like mickey made. Sometimes it a good thing that we can’t reach through the net and B*$ch slap some people!
    As far as the constitution is concerned I would disagree with a blanket amendment that would allow people from other countries that have been a citizen for twenty years to be able to run for president, but I can see an amendment allowing adopted citizens that have been in the country since they were less than two years old allowed to run.

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