As It Should Be

The Hannah Montana movie will be filmed in Tennessee.

If you don’t have a tween, especially a girl tween, you may have no idea how big a deal this is.  A celebrity just can’t get any hotter than Miley Cyrus is right now.  Is she primed for overexposure?  With adults, yes, but there’s no such thing with 9-12 year olds.

Her Dad used to live not two miles from my mom and dad’s old place.  I wonder if he still owns that Sneed Road property?  Maybe they can do some filming there.  Paging Sista?

Will this mean there will be Brooke Shields sightings in Nashville? 

Mark my words – if they film a concert sequence at the Opry, there might be riots over tickets.

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6 Responses to “As It Should Be”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    I thought he lived in Thompson Station, but, that may be old info.

  2. bridgett Says:

    He’s originally from Flatwoods, KY — about a mile as the crow flies from my mom’s house. I grew up watching him play baseball; he was actually a pretty good high school player.

  3. nm Says:

    He’s even a pretty decent honky-tonker; it’s just … that song. You know, considering how his music career ultimately suffered from it, I’m a little surprised at the way he’s allowing his daughter to become a marketing creation.

  4. sistasmiff Says:

    I think BRC is having the last laugh on those who poo poo’d him. We can talk art and all that til the cows come home, but, the bottom line for people who choose to attempt to make a living in the entertainment world…it’s all about just that…making a living. Good for him. He seems like good people.

    As I say about all the teeny bopper/young blonde-ish type of singers…I hope they have good people managing her money and interests. This will not last forever. (Thank the Lord and Willie Aames)

    He did have a place in the Sneed Rd. area at one time, but, I don’t know if they still have that or not. This was during the height of the Achy Breaky rollercoaster.

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    […] Hannah Montana movie to be filmed in Tennessee.  My 12-year old is happy. […]

  6. Char Says:

    I litlearly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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