Just Peachy

I’m pretty much a zombie today. At about 2:45 am this morning, our dogs went insane. They started barking a bark of immediacy, so I had to get up to make sure everything was all right.  Was it an intruder?  A fire (God forbid).  Something wrong with one of the children?

I looked the house over from end to end, and found nothing out of the ordinary.  but my dogs would not stop barking.  Then I noticed that our oldest dog, Missy, was “speaking” with a bark that was rather strange:  mixed into about every third yelp was a snort.  Even in my Ambien-induced stupor, I could tell that her heightened sense of smell was setting off an alarm in her.

So I stopped using my eyes, and started using my nose.  And sure enough, it was unmistakable: Pepe Le Pew had left a calling card in our front yard.

It’s a good thing I didn’t let the dogs out during all of this.

The dogs were inconsolable; we couldn’t stop the barking.  We don’t have a huge house, but the rooms are quite big, and have hardwood floors.  Every noise echoes, and it is impossible to ignore barks. 

So this went on for about 30 minutes.  It’s a good thing our neighbors didn’t call the police on us.

So, now we have not only coyotes and a fox to worry about (along with a groundhog we don’t worry about – he’s too fat to hurt anything), we have a skunk setting up residence in our neighborhood.  Great.

Our dogs do not do leashes well (neither do we), and invisible fences might keep our dogs in our yard, but they don’t keep critters out.  Looks like we’re going to have to put up an unsightly chain-link fence this spring, if not sooner.

Living in West Meade is wonderful, but sometimes being surrounded by little mini-forests, and the critters that live in them, is a little rough.

4 Responses to “Just Peachy”

  1. Music City Bloggers » Blog Archive » Something Smelly His Way Came Says:

    […] Slarti has a pesky new neighbor.  So I stopped using my eyes, and started using my nose.  And sure enough, it was unmistakable: Pepe Le Pew had left a calling card in our front yard.  … […]

  2. bridgett Says:

    I’d think about it and observe before I sunk money into a fence. Skunks don’t live very long — usually less than two years — and I bet you can get rid of it long before that. Skunks are usually merely passing through and they are very methodical predictable creatures. They don’t usually deviate from their route more than a couple of feet and I bet you that the lunar eclipse messed up this one’s sense of time — they are usually out and around by 10 am and in around 1, so I am thinking that this might be a on-off for Msr. Le Pew. If he’s digging in your yard, you have grubs in your yard and you need to put a grub-killing pesticide on it. They sell that at Loew’s or Home Depot. Skunks are also (curiously) very smell-sensitive and eye-sight poor, so that makes them fairly easy to discourage. They are attracted to any garbage or outdoor food left out for other pets, so you’ll want to put that in a nice tight Rubbermaid can. If you’ve got a woodpile, move it into the garage and keep the door closed so that Pepe doesn’t bed down. If he comes back through and it looks like he’s using your yard as his highway home, get something rattly — like a couple of tinfoil pie-pans on 18″ of string — and tie it to a stake out in your yard. It will rattle around in the wind and glint a little and Msr. Le Pew will probably take a detour into some other yard. They also are really afraid of owls, so an owl decoy can work like a charm and is a hell of a lot less expensive than a chainlink fence.

  3. Rob Robinson Says:

    Sylvan Park had someone from TWRA come to our neighborhood association meeting about a year and a half ago. She had a lot of useful information, and I posted about it at the time. It might be useful for you now, too.

    SPNA post

  4. Christy Says:

    You have a groundhog in your yard? That’s awesome.

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