Please Put The Item In The Bag

The new Harris Teeter in Belle Meade will have a device to take your cart to your car. It’s like a parking lot conveyor belt. Damn.

What I want to know: does this mean my wife will no longer circle the parking lot like a vulture for 30 minutes to ensure a spot closer to the store?

I doubt it. She enjoys it too much. It’s not about being closer or saving effort, it’s about winning some imaginary parking game she has implanted in her head.

The absolute most important thing, however, is that the Belle Meade Kroger will soon have some real competition. I drive home on West End/Harding, so I’ll have my choice of the tiny Kroger, an overpriced Harris Teeter, where I don’t even have to push my cart to my car, or an equally overpriced Publix.

It will all boil down to who has the best produce, because when I stop at the grocery on the way home, it’s to get an ingredient for a side dish; I invariably forget the sides on my weekly grocery run.

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One Response to “Please Put The Item In The Bag”

  1. dolphin Says:

    Hate to burst your bubble, but unless this is something different entirely, the device only moves carts between the first and second story of the store and back.

    I’m having trouble envisioning how a conveyor belt system could effectively take shoppers to individual cars.

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