Valentine’s Night Meal

I have an embarrassment of riches in love.

And for once, I decided to just enjoy it, and not make a big deal out of it here. 

When I got home with the kids yesterday, we went to work.  I’ve kind of let the house go in the last couple of weeks, and I know it has affected Lintilla’s mood.  So, we cranked up Hannah Montana and got to cleaning.  It didn’t take long (I could REALLY get used to having some help around the house).  Then, I started dinner.

BTW, most adults would never admit it, but Hannah Montana 2 is a pretty good CD.  Mostly vapid pop, but would you really want your 10 year old daughter to be listening to angst ridden existential college music?

Anyway, there are two days of the year we do not, under any circumstances, eat out. One is Mother’s Day, the other, Valentine’s Day.  The stress of doing so just ruins the whole day.

So, I broiled some strip steaks.  Light on the seasoning, no marinade, because we were having them with Bearnaise sauce.  No, I didn’t make it from scratch.  I work full time, have two children, three dogs, a blogging job, a music ministry,and church responsibilities.  I do not have time on a weeknight to separate eggs or clarify butter.  We used the Knorr sauce mix.  It was still excellent.

We added loaded baked potatoes as the side dish, and skipped the bread because we knew we’d be having dessert.  Trillian (with my supervision) made Hershey Mini Hot Fudge Cakes.  We had them with vanilla ice cream instead of strawberries – yum!  I have no doubt I could make these from scratch on weekends – in fact, my friend Ford Prefect has a recipe that is pretty darn close.  Just drop a hunk of a Hershey bar on top of unbaked cake/muffin batter; as it bakes, it sinks to the middle of the muffins.  Drizzle with chocolate and get out your glucometer!

I also gave Lintilla Buddy the Dog as a gift.  It’s the Hallmark stuffed animal that excitedly says, “Where’s my hug? Where’s my hug? Oh, boy, oh, boy oh, boy!”  It fits our style just perfectly.

Lintilla wasn’t feeling well, but I think we still managed to brighten her day.


3 Responses to “Valentine’s Night Meal”

  1. Ford Prefect Says:

    That recipe also works in reverse with Chess Pie. Make your standard Chess Pie but before you pour all that good sugar and eggs in the pie crust cover the bottom of the crust with shaved Hershey bars. Pour all the surgary goodness on top and while the pie bakes the Hershey shavings will melt and float to the top to make a crispy
    top crust. UMMM UMMM good!!!!

  2. Warrior Says:

    OMG! My blood sugar ran through the roof just reading that! Any chance of getting those recipies?!

  3. Valentine’s Night Meal | Says:

    […] the rest of this story here Share and Enjoy: These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and […]

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