I Get Off Work At 3

I have a few hours left.  I STILL haven’t decided for whom I will vote.

All I know is that it will not be John McCain, and it will not be Hillary Clinton.  I agree with McCain on immigration (based on past proposals), but I don’t think he’s the man to guide the nation through what may be tough economic times. 

If I vote for Huckabee, it will be a cynical “stop McCain” vote.  I don’t like voting that way, but I’m wondering if I have any choice.  Otherwise, I could be convinced.

I don’t agree with Ron Paul about foreign policy or immigration.  Could his strength on other issues be an overriding factor?

I don’t agree with Obama very much politically, but I LOVE his optimistic style and fresh approach.  I think that sort of thing has been missing from politics since Reagan.  I am so sick of conservatives who aren’t really conservative, and liberals who aren’t really liberals.

Triangulation sucks.

I’d like to see an America full of dreamers again.  It’s what makes us “better” than the older countries of the world.  America has always been an optimistic country because that’s where all the optimists went. 

Do McCain or Clinton inspire anyone?  I mean, outside of by osmosis?  Yeah, he’s a war hero, she’s a woman.  But, do they say things that make people want to do Big Things?  Or do they tell us, instead, they’ll protect us from boogieman – McCain the terrorists, Clinton, the Republicans.  You know what?  I’m tired of hiding under the bed.

I also happen to believe that we conservatives won’t be energized again till we have a whole new set of government programs to fight against.  The old ones are our grandparent’s battles, and they were won by the big-government types.  So, maybe we need an effective liberal – a modern-day Roosevelt or Johnson – to wake us from our doldrums.

Would Romney be a real conservative?  Who knows?  He MIGHT be the man for the job if there is a recession.

I am thinking all of this through.  Reading over what I’ve written, it would appear I’m leaning toward Obama.  I’ll be doggoned.

But, I still haven’t decided.  You have a few hours.  Shoot.


3 Responses to “I Get Off Work At 3”

  1. dolphin Says:

    Vote Obama. (But then I’m biased).

    The GOP really hasn’t given you any strong candidates though. I don’t think McCain can win the Presidency. When Ann Coulter is announcing that she’ll actively campaign for Hillary Clinton is McCain wins the nomination, you know that hatred of McCain runs through the rabid right deep, and I suspect deep enough that a fair number of that (unfortunately for the GOP, important) voting bloc will stay home, in the face of a McCain nomination.

    And as long as Huckabee and Romney are both in the race, dividing the religious right votes between them in the primaries, I’m not sure either one of them can win the nomination. And if Romney wins he’ll have a tough road ahead. Alot of Huckabee voters will not vote for him simply because he’s Mormon, so that’s at least a small group of voters who are out from the get go. He already has a reputation of having “flip-flopped” on a number of issues in his great swing right-ward, but to win the presidency I’m sure he’ll have to swing back towards the center at least a bit. Two major shift in positions over the course of one campaign will make him an easy target.

    Huckabee just doesn’t have much appeal outside of the religious right. In my opinion, the best case for the GOP is a Huckabee vs Clinton election. The religious right will vote for the evangelical, and the conservatives will vote against Clinton. Would that be enough to win Huckabee the presidency? I kinda doubt it (and since Huckabee is my LEAST favorite of all the candidates, I hope not), but I think that’s where the best chance of a GOP president lies.

    I never say never, but it really is looking to me like the next POTUS will either be black or female.

  2. bridgett Says:

    Here’s my take, for whatever it’s worth. The President under our Constitution is the policy proposer, the direction-header, the vision-maker, the appointer (subject to approval) of judges, the person who (in consultation with *a lot* of other people) makes decisions about national security and foreign/domestic policy. He or she hires a lot of people to carry out those big ideas and has to persuade both Congress and the population at large that his or her agenda is a worthwhile one. He or she personally can’t do much alone. The Executive has to be able to think big ideas, think broadly and wisely about the multiple (and often conflicting) needs of the population and the world, and then *persuade* others that they should think and act. The Executive of our Constitution is not supposed to be a deciderer or a bully action hero.

    When everyone else was leaping to their feet or sitting in their chairs glowering during the State of the Union, Obama was listening and thinking. He was looking around and analyzing, using it as an opportunity to figure out how to govern and I think worrying about the partisan nature of the Congress and what that bodes for his future.

    He was a pretty good community organizer. The first big rule of community organizing is that it doesn’t matter who gets the credit as long as positive incremental progress is made. The second big rule is that in every struggle, you have to find a way for everyone to walk away from the table feeling like they’ve won. And the third big rule is that you have to build energy around the authentic dreams of the community you’re in. You have to figure out how to articulate what your people want, make the means available to them to begin their journey, and let them get on with it.

    If we can get a President that knows those three things, wouldn’t that be something?

  3. Original Lee Says:

    What Bridgett said. I was initially very skeptical of Obama – I thought he was just another far left liberal who talked pretty. This is how far I’ve come once I started researching the candidates: if Clinton wins the nomination, I’ll WRITE IN Obama in the general.

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