February: Hormonal Roller Coaster

February’s major television and other events: 

This Evening: Super Bowl (testosterone)

Feb 10th: Grammys (red carpet – estrogen, low cut gowns – testosterone, sappy speeches – estrogen)

Feb 11th-12th: Westminster Dog Show (heavy on the aaawwwww! factor).

Feb 12: Predators vs Red Wings: (extra testosterone)

Feb 14th: Valentines Day (estrogen overload.  Might even watch a chick flick)

Feb 14th: Pitchers and Catchers report (ok, it’s not a TV event, except on SportsCenter)

Feb 17th: Daytona 500 (REDNECK testosterone!)

Feb 24 – Oscars (see: Grammys)

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One Response to “February: Hormonal Roller Coaster”

  1. Susie Says:

    Yay Peyton’s little brother!!!

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