Meet B

After much discussion, I ended up skipping the committee meeting, and went with the kids to Petco for Saturday volunteer day.  That was quite an experience in an of itself, but that’s not really what I came to talk to you about. 

You see, last week, we fostered a dog for the rescue (they rely on volunteers providing foster care for many of the dogs during the week).  I had my doubts – this was a dachshund, and we’ve had some really bad experiences with that breed before.  But, it was only going to be a week, so what the heck.

Y’all – this is the most well behaved, good tempered “little” dog I’ve ever seen.  We fell in love with him.  He got along perfectly with our other dogs.  So, we decided last night we’d add him to our family permanently.


This is B.  I’m sure the B stood for something, but whatever it was is lost to time.  He answers to B, so that’s his name.  Trillian has been obsessing for a dachshund for months – she’s studied and bought books and generally pestered us every day.  So B is officially Trillian’s dog – but we all know how that goes.  What he IS, for sure though, is a member of the family. That’s two kids, three dogs, and two insane adults, for those of you keeping score.




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7 Responses to “Meet B”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    Hi, B.!!

    He is a doll!

  2. x117236 Says:

    Congratulations Trillian and family!!

  3. Glen Dean Says:

    Slarti, Congrats on the new addition.

  4. Susie Says:

    He has the most unusual markings I have ever seen on a dachshund…how old do you think he is?

  5. LeBlanc Says:

    What a sweet looking pooch!

  6. bridgett Says:

    Cool beans!

  7. Sean Says:

    He is adorable, it’s good to know that atleast 1 foster dog has found a home for good.

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