Fear Has A New Name

I’ve told y’all many times, I’ve rushed the kids’ development since they were babies.  We had them on solid food early, we went stright from cribs to double mattrresses on the floor, we potty trained quite early, we taught them to read early, and on and on. 

I have no doubt many of these were mistakes, but we won’t know until they grow up and start going to the therapist.

However, this is the first time we’ve reached one of these milestones, and I’m nervous.  My daughter has been voluntering on weekends with an animal rescue.  I’ve been so proud of her. Up until now, her mother has been with her the whole time.

Well, this weekend, we have a very important children’s council meeting at church (oh, boy – a committee meeting!).  It starts BEFORE the rescue starts its adoption setup.  We had resigned ourselves that Trillian was just going to have to skip this weekend, and stay with the other unfortunate kids whose parents are on this church comitttee.

That was before she informed me that she had invited one of her friends to meet her at the rescue tomorrow.  And before her brother decided HE’D rather do volunteer work than hang around while adults had a stupid meeting.  When he would rather work, you know it’s serious.

So, I’ll be.  We’re dropping the kids off at the rescue and leaving them there.  By themselves.  Well, the adults that run the rescue (and there are LOTS) will be there, and we trust them implicitly.  And we’re leaving them with one of our cell phones, so this will be a trial run of tween cell phone ownership.

I’ve always been the one who has been excited about the kids reaching these milestones, and left the fretting up to Lintilla.  Yet, I am quite nervous. 

Of course, if this experiment works, this opens up all kinds of possibilities.  For instance, when I was about 12, I remember my parents being quite anxious to drop us boys off at the movies on Saturday afternoons.  At the time, I had no idea why on earth they’d want to be alone in the house, with no kids around.


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