Hip To Be Square

Every year, to make the Super Bowl more interesting, the folks in my department do “Super Bowl Squares”.*

I’m sure you’ve seen them: a 10×10 grid with randomly drawn single digits running along the x and y axes.  One team is the x axis, one the y.  Entrants pay $5 per square.  You choose which square(s) you want before the numbers are drawn.  Which numbers you end up with are completely chance.

At the end of each of the first three quarters, if the last digit of each team’s score matches one of your squares, you win $100.  If your numbers match the last digits of the final score, you win $200. 

I always buy 2 squares.  This year, my numbers are:

Giants 2, Patriots 7
Giants 6, Patriots 5

So for example, if at the end of a quarter, the score is Giants 16, Patriots 35, I win $100 ($200 if it’s the final score).

So, in the very unlikely scenario that the Giants sack Tom Brady in the end zone, that happy screaming sound you hear from an undisclosed location in Bellevue will be me.

*Yeah, I called it the Super Bowl.  Come and get me, NFL.


4 Responses to “Hip To Be Square”

  1. Frank Says:

    The local American Legion gets busted by the TBI for doing that.

    I have Giants 3, Patriots 1

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    Yeah, I called it the Super Bowl. Come and get me, NFL.

    What’s it supposed to be called?!

  3. Slartibartfast Says:

    Oh, that’s just my own little one-man protest. The NFL is a little like the RIAA when it comes to the name “Super Bowl”. Advertisers for other products (say, big-screen TVs) are not allowed to say, “Buy your big TV so you’ll be ready for the Super Bowl!”, unless they’ve paid big bucks to the NFL licensing agent.

    This also applies to media, although most ignore it. But many say “the big game” instead. And Nashville talk shows have the same rules about the Titans. Before Plaster’s show became officially associated with the Titans, his Sunday show was called Sportsnight – Pro Football edition. They could talk about the Titans during the show, but couldn’t use the name in promos.

    I just think it’s the opposite of good marketing. If someone, even if they are making money off of it, mentions your name and it only creates more interest in what you’re selling, what’s the problem?

    So, I pretend I’m some renegade and the NFL is going to come get me. I’m not making money on this blog, so they couldn’t care less. But, it’s fun to pretend anyway.

  4. dolphin Says:

    Yeah, they’ve been doing that for awhile now. Also prohibiting Super Bowl parties that charge admission (unless airing sports is an ordinary part of daily business at the venue). The NFL has squashed the parties of a number of schools in churches who had planned to charge to either cover the costs of food or use the party as a fund-raiser.

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