Public Educators: Please Say This Isn’t True

Considering my reminiscing about being on the high school debate team back in the stone ages, this article in the Tennessean piqued my interest.  Until I got to this:

Antioch is the only public school in the state that offers debate classes, and it is the only public school in Tennessee that has a policy debate team.

What the?  You mean all those teams that were around in the 70’s and 80’s are gone?  My very first girlfriend was a girl from the Cohn debate team – Cohn High School was pretty darn inner-city before they closed it down.  EVERY public school had a debate team, back in the day.

You’re telling me that Metro Nashville public high schools (outside of Antioch, supported by the Alliance for Public Education) have NO debate teams?  That whole, wonderful academic world I was a part of is now vanished? 

This makes me horribly, horribly sad.  The program run by Alliance for education needs to be expanded to all of Metro Nashville schools.  Why doesn’t Metro sponsor debate tournaments anymore?  It isn’t even a sanctioned extracurricular activity anymore?

That just makes me want to scream.

Read these testimonials.  Just read them.

I think I’ve found my new cause.   This is wrong.  I’m going to try to do something about it.  I don’t know just what, yet.  But I can’t just sit by knowing that this opportunity isn’t even available to today’s students.


6 Responses to “Public Educators: Please Say This Isn’t True”

  1. nm Says:

    These days, most urban (in the sense that Metro is urban; not in the sense of slummy) public schools anywhere offer no art or music classes, no foreign language classes in grade schools or middle schools, no recess in grade schools. Those are unnecessary frills, you know. You get no points for them from NCLB.

  2. Warrior Says:

    Once again, we are teaching facts to memorize (and forget just as quickly) instead of the process on how to learn, and think, for oneself.

  3. Susie Says:

    Thanks to Pedro Garcia…no extracurriculars…

  4. nm Says:

    I’m no big fan of Garcia’s, but this isn’t his fault. There are no extracurriculars in any big and/or non-wealthy school district in the country any more. It’s because of NCLB.

  5. Andre Says:

    Yeah. High School Policy debate is nearly extinct in many areas. For an explanation as to why this happened, email me. It’s a long story. I’ve been coaching for 20+ years.

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