Squeals Of Delight

Trillian decided to have a sleepover/slumber party/whatever-they-call-it-these-days tonight, to celebrate her birthday, which is this Sunday.  Our youngest is going to be 10.  Damn.

She bought her first CD that she chose herself, with no input from either parent.  Hannah Montana 2, of course.  But, SHE came to me, plopped the money on my desk, and asked me to order it for her.  She is developing her own tastes, making decisions on her own, paying for things with money she earned.  This is happening way too fast for me.

But back to today.  Annie is here, along with many of Trillian’s other classmates (but not all – another choice she has started making).  They are on the trampoline, and I can hear squeals of delight through the window.  Don’t worry, I’m keeping an eye on them.  They are also practicing some routine they are working on for the school talent show (Hannah Montana, again).

I love their energy, love for life, and general excitedness.  Yes, its noisy here, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world.  Yes, Trillian is growing up too fast.  But, although I adored her as a baby, cherished her as a toddler, loved her as a preschooler, I can tell you that she is a pure delight at this age.  Sure, things are about to change, but every age that children reach brings different joys and challenges.

So, I’ll just get some earplugs and enjoy the ride.


3 Responses to “Squeals Of Delight”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I love this post. My girls are 2 and 5 and my oldest “baby” is definitely developing her own tastes and it is a joy to see her growing up. And sometimes I need earplugs, too.

    Now the allowance thing? We are working on that. 😉

  2. sistasmiff Says:

    Enjoy it now and then arrange to have some sort of nerve medication prescribed when she turns 11 or 12.

  3. annechen 67 Says:

    Heh, Hyperactive Lad just turned 12, and I’m going to need the tranquilizer dart gun soon.

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