It’s Like A Little Hug

Conversation yesterday:

Lintilla: “So, I’m headed to the oncologist.  He’s going to have me set up an appointment with Dr [xxxx] (her OB-Gyn).  I’ve got a list of questions to ask her.”

Me: “Good.  We need to make sure we’re doing everything right.”

Her: “I was going to ask her…when we can…”

“What?  Mow the lawn?  Go on a trip?”

“No.  You know…”

“Oh.  That.  Well, I wasn’t going to ask, because I don’t want to come off as an insensitive jerk after all you’ve been through.”

[After a few seconds of silence].  “I wasn’t asking for you.”

Sometimes, I love her so much I can’t see straight.


One Response to “It’s Like A Little Hug”

  1. Ginger Says:

    hehehe…do you remember what I told you after the Christmas Coffee House??? Mark my words, my friend…mark my words. hehehe


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