Rock Me Gently

This is the mark of a good advertisement.  It’s been out a while, but every single time I see it, even after about 800 viewings, it makes me smile.  This is the long version:

We were having an interesting discussion about this tonight.  You other old timers will understand.  Lintilla and I were convinced that this was a song penned by Neil Diamond.  It just sounds like something he’d write, and the timing was about right (mid 70’s).  But, it appears that the singer, Andy Kim, wrote the song.  But you can tell, he had heard a few Neil Diamond records before he wrote this.

I think it could very well be the greatest bubble gum pop song of all time. 

Anyway, if you are feeling down, play this video.  You can’t help but smile.

Update: Well, I’ll be.  He also wrote “Sugar, Sugar”, performed by the Archies.  Come to think of it, the songs are very similar.


4 Responses to “Rock Me Gently”

  1. x117236 Says:

    And he’s Canadian!

  2. Diane Says:

    Yes, Rock Me Gently is Andy Kim’s #1 worldwide smash hit in ’74. Great song, and great commercial.

  3. Tim Says:

    This is funny, we recently had the same discussion. We all
    said it sounds like Neil Diamond. I thought it was Ron Dante. My brother did say Andy Kim. Now I have to eat crow.

  4. Scott Says:

    Actually Neil Diamond did sing this song. I have not figured out who sang it first, but the version used in the commercial sounds like the Neil Diamond version. Andy Kim’s version does not have the “Rock n’ Roll” sound like Neil’s does.

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