This is where I end up sounding 90 years old.  What’s really bugging me about the recent nastiness at MCB is that it really highlights the fact that there are very,very few true gentlemen left in the world.

I’ll let others handle the feminist argument about the fact that men are bringing up female hormones as a way to attack females.  I’ll just say that it’s rude, and as my grandmother used to say, “common”. 

If I have to choose between being considered rude and being considered the loser of an argument, I’ll take losing every time.  It’s just that old south raising of mine. 

If you can’t treat a woman with respect, you are no gentleman.

Of course, I say that as if these young, rude, cynical whippersnappers give a damn.

But my dad would have kicked me across the room if I had ever said anything like that.

The old south is almost dead (good riddance to much of it).  Sometimes I feel like the last Mohican in that respect.

People just don’t know how to behave anymore. 

But then again, I posted a picture of an asshat in that thread, so who am I to talk?

Update: I am speaking specifically of those jerks who brought up hormones.  Number9 is not the subject of my criticism at all (here) 


4 Responses to “Gentlemen”

  1. Number9 Says:

    I’m confused. Do you feel using the term “nanny state” is rude to women?

  2. Ginger Says:

    But then again, I posted a picture of an asshat in that thread, so who am I to talk?

    Yeah, and I’m scarred for life because of it. Thanks. Thanks a lot!


  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    The whole hormones thing is funny to me. It’s not at all true, and it was a good way to make the folks making the accusation look, well, “common”.

  4. dolphin Says:

    Number9 is not the subject of my criticism at all (here)

    Hehe. After his last several comments, I think we probably all need to start adding this disclaimer after everything we say.

    Seriously though, I think I’m going to take a short break on MCB for awhile. I’ll peek in every so often to see how things are going but right now there are just too many people there whose only goal in being there is to start fights. It’s a bit sad. I liked MCB.

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