Things I’d Like To Do This Year

Happy New Year everyone!

The sun in shining, the black-eyed peas are on, and no one in our household is hung over.  That’s a good start.

I’m going to forgo resolutions this year – I like to skip years so I don’t get discouraged, but there are several things I’d like to do, if at all possible.  For instance, I’d love to learn how to sew this year.  At least good enough to be considered a beginner.  I cannot afford alterations anymore, at least for a while, and when the money ceases to be tight, it would be silly to pay someone 10 times the cost of materials, for something I could do myself.  We have an antique sewing table/machine that belonged to my mother-in-law.  I think it would be neat to learn how to use it.  I think that between Amazon and Ivy (not Ivy the Amazon), I can get good enough to not need to pay for alterations.

I’d like to make no apologies for who I am.  Even if who I am annoys people.

I’d like to get my weight back to where it was in early November.  I’ve gained about 15 lbs, after having lost 50.  Stress eating, being too busy to exercise, my mother’s cooking, the fact that Centennial Hospital’s food court is mostly junk food – all of these contributed to me getting off track.  However, for you naysayers: even though the trend was going the wrong way at the end f the year, I still had a net loss of 35 lbs last year.  15, starting today, will be a piece of cake.  The trick, I think, when you have these setbacks is to recognise what’s going on, and not deny it.  Restarting habits you dropped 2 months ago is much easier than starting them from scratch.  I expect to be back to my maintenance weight by the end of March.

I’d like to keep my house clean enough that we can have company on a moment’s notice.  I’d like to get my wife and kids to help with this.  I get tuckered out sometimes, doing it all. 

I’d like to continue NOT signing up the kids for stuff they haven’t approached us with.  We made a conscious decision when the kids were small that we would not run ourselves ragged taking the kids to activities they may or may not really want to do.  We figured, if the kid was interested enough to come to us about an activity (without any prodding from us), he was truly interested.  Our kids are downright lazy and slothful compared to their peers.  Zaphod has band, Trillian volunteers with the animal rescue organization that is at PetCo in Bellevue every Saturday.  We DO, however, make them go to Sunday school and Wednesday church activities.

It’s a little scary, holding our ground, because some of their peers are more well rounded, albeit more stressed, than our kids.  And, lets face it, my son is a little more well-rounded than his peers, in another way that isn’t so good (his midsection).  Maybe a little forced athletics would be good for him. But, our hope is that we can get him active without forcing him into organized activities.  We’ll exercise as a family this spring.  Unless he wants to join a team.

Only time will tell if we are doing the right thing.  It’s probably going to hurt them when we start applying to high schools; if it does, so be it. 

And I’ll be honest: between work, church activities, the band, and blogging activites (which bring in much-needed extra income) , there’s only so much time left to shuffle kids here and there.  I could give one of these up, but which one?  There are people who are depending on me to do these things.  Lintilla, when she gets back to work, doesn’t get home till 6, and by that time, it’s time for dinner.  After the requisite 2 hours of homework, there just isn’t time for anything else.

Keep in mind, if one of our kids comes to us with activity, we’ll have to fit it in, if we want to be consistent with our philosophy.  Of course, our kids enjoy their “lazy time”, so the chances of that happening are slim.

I want to keep out of bankruptcy in 2008.  It’s a heck of a lot easier to turn your financial problems over to God when you’re not the one doing the books.  🙂 But, I’ll try.  I did the budget for January this morning; we have absolutely no room for error.  The credit cards (I know, I know) will have to get minimum payments for a while.  We’ve already cancelled summer vacation*.  I’ve learned all kinds of tricks for stretching the budget from my mother, who has (so far) successfully guided herself and my father through some very lean times.  She is a money-saving genius. (Perhaps, when things aren’t so pressing, I’ll pass some of them along to you.)

Even when Lintilla gets back to work, she will be doing office work for a while, so there will be no gasoline allowance (which is substantial in her job). 

Nevertherless, it’s hard not to count our blessings in this time.  We were insured, and so far the HMO has been very un-HMO-like.  The things we are cutting back on are not necessities.  I can still feed and clothe my family on my pay alone.  Just barely.  I need to work extra-hard at my job to make sure that income continues.

In fact, it’s fascinating to me that the money I make from blogging is just enough to make us break even.  You can tell me that’s not a God thing, but you’d be wrong.  Some coincidences are just TOO coincidental.  Incredible.

Anyway, enough of my junk.  Happy New Year, everyone!

*Cancelling the vacation isn’t as bad as it sounds.  Our kids are going to visit their grandparents in FL for a couple of weeks this summer.  My parents are so excited they are about to burst, my kids are looking forward to fishing and going to the beach and being genrerally spoiled by their grandparents without those grumpy parents around, and Lintilla and I are thinking that two weeks with no kids in the house might just be an interesting way to get to know one another again .


There is ALWAYS a blessing. 🙂


3 Responses to “Things I’d Like To Do This Year”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    But, dude, the bliss that is the Centennial Medical Center omlette? Did you have one of those? The chef guy knew me by name.

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    I most certainly did. OMG.

    And the breakfast burrito he made was great, too.

  3. nm Says:

    I’d like to keep my house clean enough that we can have company on a moment’s notice.

    The easiest way to do this, I have found, is to give up my pride. So long as the bathroom is clean, and I have 5 minutes to straighten out the slipcovers in the living room, I feel that I have done my part. It took me years to get myself to this enlightened point, but the tuckered-out feeling you mention was a major contributor.

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