This post will self-destruct in 1 day.  I can’t chance Lintilla seeing it, but I need your help.  I finally put my expensive SLR camera to good use and took some really neat portraits of the kids, made them black and white to give them that “arsty” feel, and had them blown up.

Of course, I blew them up to a size nobody has a frame for.  Michael’s can make them, but obviously not before Christmas.

Anybody know a place that sells matted frames for 12×18 photos? Anybody that has a lot of stuff in stock?

Or, did I blow it?


5 Responses to “Me=Idiot”

  1. Susie Says:

    Can you have them remade in a smaller size before Christmas?
    Or go to the Goodwill and get some frames that can be used temporarily until Lintilla can pick what she wants?

  2. saraclark Says:

    Have you checked Pier 1? or Hobby Lobby?

    Otherwise,wrap the photos and include a gift certificate for framing of her choice.

  3. Rachel Says:

    saraclark has good suggestions. If you’re handy, you could make ’em. But you might call around to smaller framing shops, too. Or, if you can find some cheapo poster in the right size frame that isn’t hideous, just rip that bad boy out and replace.

  4. newscoma Says:

    Can you buy the frame first, then resize them and put them in a matte?

  5. Mike Says:

    Try Tuesday morning or tjmaxx for frames

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