Freedom and Justice For All

I took my kids yesterday on a quest to find Webinz charms (they are the must-have, non plush item because they allow the kid to enter a code at the Webkinz site and get more points – this is of utmost importance to the pre-teen mind, apparently).  The place where we finally found them (they are a kind of rare), was a breath of fresh air, and not just because they had Webkinz charms.

We have discovered Justice  (Just For Girls), in Nashville West. 

The place was refreshing for a couple of reasons.  A store that’s not for little kids, not for teens, but specifically for “tween” girls (they say ages 7-14).  You’ll find lots of “BFF” T-Shirts, lots of pink things, shiny things, and (what I am assured are), lots of fashionable clothes.  Hannah Montana, HSM2, and Jonas Brothers play over the sound system.  As I mentioned, there are Webkinz, Claire’s-like accessories, and other novelty items that I don’t understand but are apparently a big deal to that set.  They also had LOTS of those undershirts (I forget the name) girls wear when they need something, but aren’t quite ready for a bra.  Of course, Trillian was mortified that I was excited over the selection.  I AM a weird dad.

What I really loved – what was so refreshing after having fits over department-store tween girl fare, there was not a single midriff-baring outfit to be found.  No pants with “Juicy” written across the behind.  There were no outfits that make a tween girl look like a club-hopping college student.  There was no “BrittneyWear”.  It was stylish, but modest enough to pass the dad test.

And they aren’t too expensive.  I’m telling you, I really loved this place.

 When Lintilla is better, they can shop there all they want.  Trillian just didn’t feel like clothes shopping with her dad.  I don’t really blame her.

Just wanted to give a heads-up to all my friends with tween girls.


2 Responses to “Freedom and Justice For All”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    “Camisole”, buy the way.

    I’ve not been in Justice yet, I’ll have to check it out.

    Also reminds me I have something for you, I’ll try to contact you this weekend.

  2. dual military mom Says:

    I understand what you are going through, my daughter is 11 1/2, almost 12 and is a complete stranger to me somedays. My daughter dragged me into Justice by us and we both love it. I love to hear if you have had to go dress shoe shopping for your daughter. My daughter wears a size 7 women’s shoe and most of the shoes I’ve seen are 3 inches and taller. I will compromise with my daughter about what she wears on her feet but I won’t go over 2 inches.

    I love your stories and look forward to more…God Bless.

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